The 3 B’s that are Key to Your Success in Your Home Business


I’m sure you’ve heard of the BBB, Better Business Bureau, but have you heard of the 3 B’s needed for success in your home business?

These 3 are so important, it’s really impossible to succeed, long-term without them:


So was this video helpful?  Let’s take an even closer look at these three:

1. Belief – this is a cornerstone for success in your home business!  When you’re just starting your business, you may still have some “limiting” beliefs in your head, maybe because you haven’t made much or any money yet and family and friends might be telling you your crazy :)  There are several ways to raise your belief level and all are so important.

One way is to make sure and plug in to your company’s events.  These could be local, regional, even big destination events that may only happen once a year.  All are vital to your level of belief.  Events could even be your weekly conference calls where you’re hearing about other reps who are having success and how they did it.  You start to believe “if they can do this, so can I!”  And you’re right…you certainly can.  The only person really stopping you is…YOU!!

The next way to raise your belief is to GET RESULTS, meaning GET PAID asap!  Make sure you know exactly what you need to do to make this happen, by getting coaching from your sponsor and your team.  They are financially tied to your success so they will be happy to show you the way.  Even if you’ve only made a few dollars, you can stand strong against the naysayers (usually friends and family) and proudly proclaim…YES, I’ve made money…ha!!  Thus proving to them and (more importantly) to yourself that you really did make a wise decision to invest in yourself and your new home business because it’s really working.

Create your vision board of your WHY–what this new business is going to help you accomplish.  It’s critical that you have pictures, statements and a clear vision of where you’re going.  Your mind is a laser-targeted missile and will focus on whatever you put in front of it.  So focus on your dreams!

2. Balance – we all live crazy lives and you just started a home business that will require some time invested to get it off the ground.  Keeping a balance while you do that will ensure that you’ll last long-term.  You may hear stories of people in your company sacrificing it all for 2-3 years to make it to the top.  They neglect family, friends, health, etc, saying “I’ll sleep when I get this next promotion” or “I”ll get fit once I’m making 10, 000/mo and can pay for a trainer” or “I didn’t see my family for 3 years while I soared to the top”, or “I drove/flew all over the country building my team”.  Granted, doing that for a very short time (90 day spurts) can be very effective.  At the Go Pro Mastery in Vegas with Eric Worre last December, we heard from many top leaders/millionaires who had done at least one 90 day run, which turned into a six-figure income or more.  They compressed time and got their business off the ground quickly. Then they came back at a later date and did it again.  When done this way, you don’t run the risk of  your family and friends completely resenting your business and neglecting your health since it’s only 90 days at a time and they are well-informed that the short-term sacrifice will produce a very lucrative long-term gain.  Also, when you are proclaiming that you’ve “sacrificed it all”, most people looking at your business are thinking “I can’t do that, I work a full-time job, have a full-time life, etc”.  You just made yourself UN-duplicable…the kiss of death in our type of business!

3. Business – You must treat your business like a business—big shocker I know :)  Lots of people in our profession don’t though. They get their distributor ID and treat it like the lottery, hoping for that ONE big fish to come in that will make them a millionaire.  Every big leader can tell you it doesn’t happen like that.  The BIG FISH may come in, but after you’ve consistently and persistently worked it like a business…day after day after day.

Treating it like a business does not mean you have to quit your current job or traditional business.  On the contrary, what actually works best is if you keep working and you build this part time.  Jim Rohn called it the “magic” of part time.  The “magic” is the fact that as you work this on the side, others start to see your life change.  Maybe you’re sitting next to a co-worker who sees you take an extra vacation, not just to the local waterpark, but somewhere really cool…maybe Mexico, or the Bahamas.  They see you paying off debt, buying a new car, changing your life right in front of their eyes.  They may ask you how THEY can do it too and you now have a new business partner…awesome!

The difference in treating your business like a business, not a hobby has nothing to do with whether you can work it full-time or part-time.  It has EVERYTHING to do with your attitude and level of commitment towards it.  When you treat it like a business, you plug in, you register for the company events and you plan your free time strategically to continually be contacting new prospects every day, or at least every day that you SAID you were planning to work you business.  Use a calendar to show you the tiny pockets of time that you can use.  In my business, we are constantly “taking it with us” because we believe everyone we meet is a potential business partner or customer.  If you’re constantly on the go, use the calendar in your smartphone to remind you of follow up calls you’ve scheduled.  You can easily make these on your commute to/from work and even possibly on your lunch hour.  Many of our top leaders started building their business in 15 minute increments.  The reason it worked for them was that they were prepared for those 15 minutes and did the activities that paid them the highest amount of money, which is prospecting :)

I hope this in-depth look at the 3 B’s was helpful.  There’s LOTS more where that came from, so I’ll be diving into more tips and strategies to help you down this incredible road to success in your home business.

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Why Don’t My Positive Affirmations Work?

Are you using positive affirmations but they don’t seem to work?

I recently ran across some interesting research that shows why the “old school” affirmations may not work.

There IS a better way and I talk about in today’s video:

Did you find that as interesting as I did?  I’ve started to implement this change and I do believe it’s working!

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How to Win Over an Unsupportive Spouse or Partner

When you started your network marketing business, was your spouse or significant other immediately supportive?  Or were they skeptical, maybe even resentful?  I went through that as well and I learned some things along the way that might help you if you’re still dealing with this.  Watch this quick video, which is Day 1 of the Ray Higdon 10 Day Video Challenge:

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Funny Things Prospects Do — The Pontificator

Have you ever had one of these prospects?  If you’re not careful, they will keep you on the phone or at a one on one for hours…seriously!  Watch this short video on The Pontificator and how to handle him/her if you end up prospecting them for you network marketing business.

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3 Ways to Connect with Prospects in 90 Seconds or Less

To say that I had a lot to learn when I began my network marketing career is a huge understatement at best, although everyone around me thought I would be a natural.   Everyone around me wasn’t currently and had never been in the profession I was about to enter though.  They, like so many others outside of our profession, think “these” types of ventures are just for salespeople.

Actually the opposite couldn’t be more true.

Watch my video overview of this post below:

Why is that?  Because some of the basic skills are counterintuitive to sales.

In sales, mastering the skills of presenting and speaking can equate to added trust in your abilities to take care of the client and thus more sales closed.  Your client wants you to be an expert in your field.

In network marketing it’s just the opposite.

This wonderful profession requires different skill sets and these first 3 will help you create rapport and build trust in 90 seconds or less!

  1. Smile – I know this may not sound like a “skill” but some do not do it naturally.  If you’re one of those that gets asked often “if you’re happy go tell your face” –you might be lacking this skill J.  So practice in the mirror, asking yourself “would I say hi to me if I looked like this?”.

I don’t even care if you have all your teeth, just make sure your smile is genuine and warm.

  1. Ask questions – okay, not rapid-fire interrogation style or anything, but curious, genuinely interested type questions.  There is a great acronym to help you remember some good ones to get them talking:

FORM, which stands for:

F=Family (this is for people you know)  OR Where are you From (people you meet)?

R=Recreation, would do you like to do for fun?  Or on vacation?  In your spare time?

O=Occupation, what kind of work do you do? How long?  You must really love it!  (maybe not)

M=Message, this is where you invite, are they open?

  1. Listen – this is the skill I REALLY had to work on as a recovering salesperson (haha).  Most of us salespeople may LOOK like we’re listening to you while you talk, but we’re really thinking about what we are going to say to you next.  That, my friends, is NOT really listening.  Actually most people, not just salespeople do this as a habit.  It may require lots of practice to get out of this mode and start to really hear the person talking in front of you.  You must be present in the conversation, keeping your gaze on them, even if you’re in the midst of a noisy crowd or other people try to butt in.  When you do this and get it right, it’s unbelievable how much rapport and trust you can truly build with someone you may have even just met!

So if you want to attract people to you, build rapport and trust with them quickly, get really good at the 3 skills above.  When you do, you’ll have people who will walk away from talking to you thinking “I just love her/him and I’m not even sure why!”

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Funny Things Prospects Do

Isn’t prospecting fun??  If you’re looking at me like I’m crazy right now I understand.  I’ve been in this game for a little while and you have to have some fun to keep going.

So, even if you’ve been in network marketing for a short time, you’ve probably already run into this situation with a prospect.  Hopefully this quick video will make you laugh a little and give you some helpful tips on how to handle the situation and keep your prospecting call on track!

Was that helpful?  More importantly did you laugh?  I hope so Smile.

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When Life Comes at You Fast

Designed pic with highway 14jan14

What do you do when life comes at you fast?

The other morning, I was having a wonderful start to my day, praying, reading, journaling, etc.  I was so happy that I was starting the New Year the way I had intended to for 2014!  Yea!!

Then suddenly my phone rang and I CHOSE to answer it.  It was my sister, in a panic about getting some things done, needing my help and seeming extremely stressed.  I think I told her 3 times to calm down; all the while she was raising MY anxiety level.  I hung up and realized I was now stressed, full of anxiety like the world was falling apart and definitely NOT in the same place of mind I was before the call.  I received another stressing call right after that, a consultant who would NOT listen to my coaching, not listen to really anything I was saying and I became very frustrated!!

After the second call, I took a deep breath and analyzed what the heck just happened?!

By choosing to answer the phone, I chose to take my day off track, off the track I had intended and wanted to take.  Why?  I think we all have a knee-jerk reaction to answering that little device that is attached to our hand whenever it rings instead of letting it go to that wonderful invention called voicemail (remember that thing? Yes, you still have it).

Then, by choice, I let HER mood, issues, anxiety, WHATEVER, creep in and affect me.  Then all of a sudden, I’m doing damage control to get my day back on track and free from distractions so I can actually be productive.

So…How do you stop that from happening?

What do you do if you really DO need to take that call and it’s not positive?

In our profession of network marketing, it is absolutely CRITICAL to guard your mind and it can be a full time job with all that’s out there, competing for your attention, just itching to drive you to distraction…media, negative people around you, etc.  Those insidious little distractions can destroy your dreams if you let them!

So here are a couple of tips I’ve learned along the way that might help you as they’ve helped me:

Keep your phone on silent

Turn the ringer OFF when you go to bed at night and into the morning when you’re setting your day up for success.  You might even think about keeping it on silent ALL THE TIME…gasp!Surprised  YOU can choose when you are able to be reached on that little ball and chain called a cell phone!

To do what we do, you must master your time and this is one small (but really huge) way to do that.  Tell your team what hours you can be reached and make sure you allow yourself quiet, mind altering times in your day when you CANNOT be reached.  This doesn’t have to be long stretches of time, just maybe a half hour to an hour.  You can’t pour into others what you don’t have and if you don’t set aside time to be poured into, you can’t pour into others effectively.

Make your mind and spirit an impenetrable fortress  

Have you ever heard the saying “Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part”?  You can also insert “Lack of well-being on your part does not constitute anxiety on my part”.  When those around you start to spew negativity, stress and angst, remember this:  their issues are NOT your issues and can have NO power over you unless you let them, so just DON’T.  Know this: It will happen, whether it’s a relative, friend, business partner or customer, you will get spewed on and be faced with how to react so BE READY and BE AWARE.   Be aware when it’s happening so you can flip the switch.  The faster you flip, the sooner you can recover.  Be ready to bring your mind back to that centered place by telling yourself very positive statements like:

Designed pic with highway 14jan14

 Or I am changing lives every day and I love what I do!   (notice ALL words are positive)

You can also have positive quotes handy in your cell phone to refer to in your notes section.  It’s happened to me, out and about, where I needed to read something very positive on the go and didn’t have time to surf the net for the right quotes.  If they’re already in your phone, it’s easy Smile

Like a duck, let it roll off your back, trust that they will work out their issues and go back to the marvelous start of your very productive rock star day Cool.  If it’s in the evening, make sure you “bookend” your day as Darren Hardy suggests, Put the headphones on and feed your subconscious with the books or audios that set up your subconscious all night to receive positive words and thoughts even as you sleep.

What we do in this profession is life changing and so so important.  I believe in it with all my heart, that we, as network marketing professionals, can change the world.  Guard your minds, your hearts and have an insatiable appetite for personal and leadership growth.  When you do this, the person you will become, the lives you impact, will blow your mind one day Smile

And as Eric Worre says:

GoPro pic with Joseph and Justin dec2013

Now let’s go tell the world!!

Have a great week!


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Over the holidays, make sure you’re NOT the “fruitcake”!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  Wherever you are in the world, I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!  Just a quick post to help make them even better…

As you prepare to gather with friends and loved ones, keep in mind the “reason for the season”.  Remember, it’s NOT your network marketing business.

Have you ever been to a party or family gathering and met “that guy” or “that gal”?  You know the one: all they want to talk about is their business  and how they and everyone who gets in NOW is going to get rich?  They can’t stop talking about you being in their “downline” and that “their product has been proven to completely revolutionize the weight loss industry by Dr. So and So”?  When you watch this quick video, you’ll know what I mean and how to make sure you don’t come across as the “fruitcake” yourself!


So celebrate the season, reconnect with loved ones and deepen those very important relationships.  This will attract, NOT repel those around you to where one day, they just might want to join you in your incredible network marketing business!

Til next time….


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I Wasn’t Supposed to Get In…But I Did!

Hope you’re having a great holiday weekend!

Our Thanksgiving was fun yesterday, spending time with both my family and the in-laws.  Last night, my Dad was reminiscing with me and telling my husband, my niece and her husband about how I got into Texas  A&M University.

He and I drove down and talked to the dean of the school of business that summer. I remember he was a very nice man and he wanted to let me in but discovered I had an “incomplete” in one class at Baylor University.  He looked at my dad, smiled, then looked at me and said “I’d love to have you but you have this ‘incomplete’. Unless that gets changed, you won’t be able to enroll.”  I looked at him and said “it will get changed”.  He really didn’t think I could do it, but my dad knew me, so he knew differently.

A&M ring pic with Kate maroon border

My and my niece’s Texas A&M class rings

I don’t remember all this but my 80 year old father does.  All I remember is convincing the dean to let me in.  As my dad recalls, we went back up to Baylor University  where he waited for me for a few hours while I got the grade changed to a “complete”.

I don’t remember what I did that day to make it happen.

I do remember the outcome:  I do remember that I DID get into A&M and I graduated!

All my life this has been a common thread and the man who watched me do it that day, my Dad, is where it came from.  Sheer determination to get my way is probably what gave my dad most of his grey hair.  I would push, push, and push until he gave in.  I could envision the outcome I wanted then I would do everything I could to make it happen, never thinking it wasn’t going to happen.  My siblings labeled me selfish, a brat, etc.  Looking back, I would probably agree.

But the best thing that happened out of all that, was knowing how it felt to “win”, to accomplish.

“Where there’s a will, there is a way”

That saying was definitely in my DNA from the start.  Most everything I tried to accomplish was fairly easy—running track, music, straight “A’s”, even graduating a year early from high school as a junior.  Yes, I had obstacles along the way but I always saw past them to the end result that I was envisioning for my future.

I know that God gave me and still gives me these downloads.

I know that I have visions of greatness for a reason~~because they’re supposed to come true.

“What you focus on is what you get”

Back then I hadn’t even heard this phrase but I was putting it into practice with every track race, every piano recital, every class I needed to “ace”, which I did.  Excellence was expected at our house and I definitely delivered—because I SAW myself achieving.

I put that same skill into practice now to accomplish the goals and dreams in front of me.  I revisit these successes to remind myself that I have accomplished great things before and will again.  I envision my future dreams and goals so clearly it seems like I’m watching the movie of my own life.

I am very powerful when I put my mind to it.   We ALL are very powerful because that’s how we were designed.

It all starts between your ears.   Take a little time this weekend to recall, even re-live those successes in your life no matter how small they seem.  Write them down.

Go back and look at them as you move towards your dreams.

Think back, remember how it felt to accomplish — and use that feeling to propel you forward.

Now create those new visions of your future.  Write down every last detail.  Close your eyes and paint the picture, see it come into focus.

Daddy & Me after the Futurity Dec2012 at his house

This is the real movie of your life and you have the power to create it right now.  Review every last detail, over and over and often.  Your mind is a laser-targeted missile and will focus on what you put in front of it.  Make sure that your dreams and goals are in front of your mind every day.

You and I and every human being on the planet are the most amazing creatures ever created.  Don’t listen to anyone who says differently.

You, like me, are designed for greatness.  You are extraordinary and are designed to break through barriers, see the unseen and accomplish the impossible.

Those around may tell you, you “can’t get in”, “can’t do that”, or will “never make it”.

I’m here to tell you…

You will.  I did :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,


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STOP Trying so Harrrddduhh!!!

Stop Trying so Hard!

I know I know.  You want your network marketing business to work soooo much and it just doesn’t seem to be moving.  Why the heck is that? In my network marketing career, I have been guilty of this very thing.  When I started, I made the mistake of jumping in full-time with no job to support myself.  I did that before with my traditional business and, flying by the seat of my pants, I made it work with sheer grit and determination.  What I didn’t know about this profession is that approach will NEVER work for a few reasons:

  1. The Money – you need moolah to pay the bills and sometimes your network marketing business may not produce what you need right away because you are dependent (can be good and bad) on other people’s efforts, not just your own.    If you don’t make the money you need to make right away, a desperate feeling can start to take over, prospects pick up on that and you have now provoked an objection from them.  Usually it’s “I don’t have the money”.  Why?  Because that is what YOU are dealing with at the moment.  Funny how that works Smile
  2. The Magic of Part TimeJim Rohn coined this phrase long ago and it still holds true.  I didn’t understand at all how powerful this really was and spent years (not months) working my business the wrong way.  You see, when you are working a full-time job and building your business on the side, you are what we call “duplicable”.  As you start making that extra income with your business, those working with you see your life change—maybe it’s a new car, extra vacation to somewhere really cool, or you’re paying off debt (like me).  They see you, day after day, working the same hours as them, similar family activities, etc., and they start to wonder “maybe I could do what Liz is doing and pay off some of my debt, take a vacation, buy a new car”.  When this happens, you will find you won’t have to ask them to take a look at your business, they will ask you…exactly what you want.  You want to attract, not sell Cool  You want to create curiosity, so that they are compelled to ask you how you did it because they now want what you have.
  3. Focus vs. Obsession – Focus is good in this business, obsession is not.  What do I mean by that?  You want this business to work soooo much that you sacrifice everything else in your life while you work it.  You tell yourself: “I’ll be able to spend time with family, take time to workout, rest, etc., once I’ve reached financial freedom”.  The problem with this statement or belief is it is completely unbalanced and unhealthy.  You start to create a life that no one, including you, will want to continue living.  Those living with you and closest to you will definitely NOT want to hear about your business and will start to resent it because they don’t want that kind of life.  I’m here to tell you, you can build this thing while having a life.  Network marketing is about a lot of people doing a little bit.  What does that mean?  You work this into your existing life, around faith, family, and health.  You learn to be prepared, disciplined and laser-focused with tiny bits of time as you build your business.  Because of the wonderful tools available now with technology, you can invite a prospect to take a look in just a few minutes while you’re driving to work or at your lunch break.

Remember, this is a people business.  You lead this volunteer army by example and the first example you want to give a prospect is that this is a fun, simple business that they can do that will enhance their life, not take it over.  From the moment they start interacting with you, your behavior will determine if they want what you have.  People first  join YOU, not just your business,

so stop trying so hard!

Too busy making a living pic

Go out with a grateful attitude about what you have RIGHT NOW, not in the future when you “make it”, but right now.  Be yourself and share your wonderful opportunity that could radically change their life, for the good, forever!

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Have a wonderful, enjoyable weekend