How Top Leaders Invite Prospects




So what separates YOUR invite from the top leaders?  Do you struggle to get people to actually view your video or even set a time?

I have a few tips for you today to help you with that in my video.  And good news, it’s very easy to do!



So can you remember these 3 things next time you invite?  I guarantee, it will improve your ratios!

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Have an awesome week of inviting!


The Problem with Corporate America

What’s the problem with corporate America these days?

Longer hours and less pay?

Less benefits?  Less vacation time?

Layoffs and downsizing?

Although these are serious issues, that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’ve worked in many corporate jobs, inside and outside an office setting.  At the time, I thought it was awesome….until I discovered network marketing.

I had no idea this kind of a “work” environment existed!  I know I’m not alone, there are millions of employees out there who have no idea still.  That’s why what Eric Worre is doing is so important.

So the next time you’re prospecting an “employee”, whether they be a C-level or every day Joe, consider asking them the question that I bring up in this video.

Did you like that comeback?  Think you’re bold enough to say it?

Just remember what we have here in our profession….and that they DON’T have it in corporate America!

Happy Prospecting!


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MLM Prospecting Tips for a Holiday


Happy Independence Day!

Hope you’re going to be out and about, seeing friends, family and maybe even meeting new people.

So how do you maximize this time and prospect the right way on a holiday like today?

I have a double bonus for you today on this subject, I did a video AND a call this morning, so enjoy :



Was that helpful?  What to do and what NOT to do?

There’s more detailed training in this audio, about 18 minutes, where I go into how to become a “people magnet” with some crazy good rapport-building skills.  I was really awful at this when I began, so it’s a skill that is “near and dear” to my heart!

Did you take some good notes?  Now go out, build great rapport with your prospecting this holiday where people are calling YOU back to join your team!

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Enjoy this day, celebrating our wonderful independence in the land of the free, home of the brave :)

Your Freedom Fighter,

Eliz Oliva

Turn Your Notes into Cold Hard Ca$$HH!!


Are you like me, going to every event I can to learn and grow in personal development and leadership development? Have you come home with a bunch of notes from the event that eventually just sit on your shelf and collect dust?

In this video I share how those notes can turn into income for you in your business when used the right way.

Isn’t that exciting?  I’m looking forward to sharing my notes from Ray Higdon’s Top Earner Academy with you on this blog in the days and months to come.

I have a burning desire to help as many people achieve success in this amazing profession as possible.

By bringing value to you here on my blog, I hope to hear how many of you I’ve helped!

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Why Goals are Not Enough and Creating Your Clear Vision

Vision Pic

Vision Pic

Do you struggle with reaching your goals and can’t figure out why?

Do you lack motivation, even though you KNOW you want to achieve your “WHY”?

This morning, I had the privilege to speak on a national conference call and I spoke about this very subject.

I go over some of the reasons this may be happening and how you can actually start achieving your goals by creating a clearer vision:


Was that audio helpful? Did you learn some things that can help you finish out 2014 with a bang? I hope so!

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Create YOUR clear vision and never let ANYONE steal your dreams!

Your official vision guide,

Elizabeth Oliva


What’s the Average of Your Five?

What’s the average of your five?

Do you even know what I mean when I say that?

I didn’t, until I came into this wonderful profession of network marketing.

Watch in my video as I explain what the “average of your five” means and how it can drastically change the course of your future!

So now are you going to really examine your five?  Are they in alignment with where you want to go?  If not, start looking around for those sharp individuals who are “like-minded” and MORE successful than you, if and only if, you want your life to change for the better.

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To Raising the Average of Your Five and Your Life!

Eliz Oliva


No Biz Cards? No Problem! Big Tip for Prospecting in Your MLM

Do you ever struggle with getting your prospects phone numbers after they’ve said they’re interested in hearing about your business?  You give them your business card and then, for some reason, they don’t want to give out their info?

Well I’ve found a very casual, sure-fire tactic that works almost every time.  I share what I do that works so well in today’s video:



Was that super simple?  It takes a little posture, but I’m sure you can do it!

For more tips on good posture, check out Ray Hidgon’s new podcast, lots of great info there!

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YOU are extraordinary

and designed to live abundantly

and radically to impact!

Let’s go!!


Are You Getting the Dead Broke Brother in Law Referral?

Have you ever asked for referrals for your business from other professionals that you know?

I have and it’s amazing how many different responses you get but my favorite is the “dead broke brother in law” referral.

Ahhh…it’s soooo frustrating when this happens!! Especially when that is NOT the type of person you asked them for.

How do handle explaining who the RIGHT person is?

Watch the video below to see how I’ve handled this:


So was that helpful?  Hope so!  Please let me know by commenting below or heading over to my facebook page or twitter and give me a shout out.

Just remember, we all get some of these and knowing how to “guide” your referral partners will help you find the best people for your business!

What else would you like me to talk about?  Would love to hear  your ideas!

To Your Success!




Tell vs. Show — One Simple Trick to Help New Reps with the 3 Way Call

Do you ever have people on your team that have a difficult time bringing you in on a 3 way call?  Or even including you in their prospecting in general, whether it be a 1 on 1 meeting or lunch appointment?  Communication seems to be lacking and they are off doing it all by themselves?

After years (yes it took me years to figure this out), I came up with what I think is a brilliant approach to help them get into the habit and feel more comfortable utilizing you and your team as their “upline” support.  When they start to do this, they realize why it’s so important.  Utilizing your experienced upline team brings in credibility and posture that most new reps don’t have.



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The Big Tip I Learned from Ray and Jessica Higdon

Do you ever have trouble nailing down that prospect to take a look at your business?  Today I share a big tip I learned from Ray and Jessica Higdon that could totally change that.  It may seem small, but this tiny little “tweak” could make all the difference.

Was that helpful?  I’ve started to use this tip and teach it as well, so let me know what happens when you do!

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