Who is Elizabeth Oliva?

Have you ever felt like… there has to be more???

As far back as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be independent.  Growing up with an entrepreneurial father, I caught the bug, watching him control his own time and make his own decisions.  I always excelled at everything I tried, school, music, sports, etc, and never had to really apply myself.

My first traditional business was run on gut instinct and the basics I learned growing up, which served me well.  Although I loved having my own business, I realized I didn’t want the traditional kind because I saw that I was “self-employed”, not a business owner, not controlling my own life or time.  My business WAS my life and everything else suffered.

Do you ever think… there’s GOT to be a better way??

I sold that business and moved on into a career in outside sales, where I learned a ton and was fortunate to also excel without much effort.

I still controlled my life somewhat, but was always chasing another sale with linear, commission based income.

I found a way….but it wasn’t perfect.

In 2003, I was introduced to the concept of a home based business and I was hooked.  I loved working from home, having a flexible schedule and making money on my terms without the headaches of a traditional business.  It was a health and wellness network marketing company and l loved to be healthy but realized not everyone else did.  My wonderful husband Chris (pictured above) had no idea what he had signed up for with a home business entrepreneurial wife!  I struggled and when the economy turned, many people cut out their wellness products to pay their most important bills.

I found the fit for me!

In 2007, I was making a few sales with my wellness company but struggling still to build a team and create that “laptop lifestyle” and walk away income.  My husband had become very critical of the industry simply because I had not been as successful in this as I had in every thing else he had seen me do.  Then I got the call….

So do you have one of those friends who’s been in a million different network marketing businesses for maybe 30 days, always jumping around?

I was introduced to my current business by “that friend”.  Of course I said “no” to my friend who initially called me (because I knew she wouldn’t be sticking with it) but would be happy to become her customer.  I knew her, trusted her and believed she wouldn’t steer me wrong in a service I needed everyday anyway.  Then I looked at her site and saw what I had been looking for my whole entrepreneurial/sales career.  I knew what I saw and knew it was going to be absolutely HUGE and as a savvy entrepreneur, I knew the timing was now.

I jumped in with both feet, thinking I’ll figure this out along the way like I usually did (flying by the seat of my pants).

Ever get the “I got this” attitude?

Everyone around me said I’d be a natural because I could “sell” anything and wished me luck.  I soon discovered that my sales skills and my “I’ve got this” attitude were the biggest detriments to my success.

I struggled for not just months…but years, with my husband watching and wondering if I was ever going to go back and get another good sales job.

I watched others come into my business and literally soar past me, which was very debilitating and almost took me out.

Then one day I decided I wanted success more than I wanted to be right. 

I decided to be coachable and learn from the very successful professional network marketers in my company.  I plugged in, and I took “me” and my incredible, UN-duplicable skills out of the equation and just started following a simple system and showed others how as well.  Hallelujah!  my business started to take off.

Once I started working my business the right way, in 2 years I replaced a full-time income and paid off over $20k in debt, all working part-time, maybe 30min-2 hours/day.  Then I reached a plateau, after I had exhausted my “warm market”.

Did you know there was another “level” you wanted to reach?

My success up to this point had been “offline” recruiting and helping my team, which helped me of course.  But I knew there were more people I could reach…if I could harness the power of the internet.

You see I found my first company online, in 2003.  Ever since then, I kept thinking there’s got to be a way to find people out there online…

Then in 2008, I had a mentor of mine tell me “you need to brand yourself”.  I looked at him and said “huh”?  I had no idea what he meant!  But as the years passed, I was privileged to start speaking for my company, in front of the room and on lots of training calls.  The first time someone said to me “I could listen to you talk all day”, I realized…I had value to bring to people…wow!

I then understood.  I also knew how much I really LOVED giving value like that and knew where I was headed.

So I started researching, learning, buying courses on this thing called “personal branding” and “marketing online”.  I quickly realized I had a lot to learn…and implement if I was going to effectively brand myself and bring the kind of value that I envisioned.

What if you could cut your learning curve in half?

Then I found a community of online home business entrepreneurs that were teaching people like me how to get online, brand myself, create massive value to get more leads for my business and ultimately MAKE MORE MONEY and build a bigger business faster.

All in one place, I was then able to learn more quickly with mentoring by top online marketers who sincerely want to help me build my business.

Because of this community, I now am connecting with new people every week, creating value for them, building relationships and building my business online…exactly what I envisioned!

My story is NOT the story of the “rockstar” who made it in 90 days or 6 months.

My story IS the story of the average person who never gave up,

kept improving her skills with persistent, consistent effort,

took coaching to heart,

and made gut-wrenching, ego-killing decisions to move forward towards her success.

I’ve gotten up every day with the goal to help someone else achieve and invest in the only investment that yields 100% return=themselves.

Has it been easy?  Absolutely not.

Has it been worth it?  Every single minute, every day.

What makes it worth it?

The challenge and subsequent reward of getting better and better, creating more and more value that impacts lives like yours in a lasting positive way.

Living with a spirit of excellence and becoming the leader I knew, deep down that I always have been, the servant leader that has a passion to pour into others who have a burning desire to transform their own lives to live in true freedom and abundance.

So how about you?

Are you looking for a way to live a “laptop lifestyle”?

Do you want to build your brand online?

Would you like to have qualified prospects contacting YOU, excited to talk to you and eager to join your business?

What if you could make money even if the prospect said NO to your business?

If you’re serious about any of the above and want to connect with me one on one to see if we would be a fit to work together,

CLICK HERE and let’s talk….

Elizabeth OlivaElizabeth Oliva