Tools I Use to Grow My Business

As a Home Business Entrepreneur, you know you need to keep in touch with your customers right?  How many times have you intended to send a card and simply forgot?  I was there too, until I discovered SendOutCards.  Statistics say that customer retention is directly related to how many times you “touch” your customer throughout the year.  In a perfect world, we would all send handwritten cards every time to our customers to help with retention, but this is NOT a perfect world.  SendOutCards helps you keep in touch and keep it personal, all with automation!  I’ve been using this system for years and highly recommend it!  Go check it out and see for yourself if it might work for your business too.

Increase your prospects, improve your follow up, and close more sales with Shuffle, Elify’s new mobile networking app! Digitally share your info with a simple swipe of your finger so your card doesn’t get lost in the stack.
STAND OUT and instantly engage your prospects with interactive and beautifully designed cards. Let no one fall through the cracks with card open notifications and follow-up reminders.