Are You On Facebook trying to grow your business?
These Facebook Tips will help you gain followers and grow your home business fast… Facebook Tips

So Why Market Your Business on Facebook?

There are over 1.39 billion active users on Facebook right now and millions of them are looking for what you have….a way to work from home, gain time and financial freedom.

You can engage and build relationships with qualified prospects right from your
…even in your PJ’s if you want!
There’s a right way and definitely a wrong way to go about this though.

When you apply these Facebook Tips, you’ll be attracting prospects like a magnet.

Done wrong, they’ll be running away from  you (figuratively speaking) faster than you can blink, so let’s learn the right way…

Facebook – The Big Online Party

People are all over Facebook connecting, commenting, liking posts, and posting about life.

For our business – it’s one of the BEST places to find your target market on the planet now, since almost EVERYONE is on it!

To maximize your results, you’ll need to know some of these Facebook tips:

1. Have a Great Banner or Cover Photo

Facebook Banner

This is the “first impression” someone will see so you want it to be attractive.  Have Lifestyle pictures, nice scenery, maybe an inspirational quote, or picture of you with a group of smiling people.

2.  Have a Great Profile Pic – Close Up

Make sure your profile pic is of YOU, not pets, kids, scenery, etc.  Make sure it’s close enough that people can see your bright smiling face 🙂

People will come look at your profile and they want to see YOU, not a logo or something.  If you can get a professional picture made, do it.  Otherwise, smartphones with good lighting will do.

3.  Your About Section

Let them into your life! Be authentic and fill this section out as completely as you can.

Don’t make anyone “ask” for your phone, email, etc.  If you’re not comfortable with using your personal cell, get a google voice number (they’re free) and use the Facebook email.

Write a little about what you can do for THEM.  You need to speak to your target audience, not just tell your story.  Relate your story to theirs, using keywords for your niche.  For me, it would be “I help struggling home business owners get online, get more leads, make more money and build a bigger business faster”.

4.  Posting

1) Always be happy and smiling! People want to be around happy people.

2) Post lifestyle pics of you having fun!

3) Share valuable content – what do the people you are looking for want to hear about? struggle with?

4) Share Picture Quotes – for my niche, I’ve gotten some great ideas from the following fan pages: Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy, Zig Ziglar, Eric Worre

Super Facebook Tip:  For picture quotes, check out Canva – you can create GREAT, sharp images to use, adding banners and text just like big ad agencies do…but for free or very little 🙂

5) Post event pics with you and your team and leaders – leave the comment generic, showing how much fun you’re having, how much you appreciate your team, etc.

Here’s an example of a post that can create curiosity and have people reaching out to you.  They’ll want to know more 🙂Kandice ONeal

Congrats Kandice O’Neal!!!

So grateful for your mom, Kathy Jackson who brought you onto the team and convinced you to come to the women’s conf in April.

You were off and running after that and we’ve had a lot of fun with more to come…woohoo!!

Very important: LEAVE OUT the company name, and


They will Google the company and you may NEVER hear from them!!!

When I posted the above (correct) wording, these are some of the responses that Kandice received:

What are you doing now?


When can we get together?

It’s great to see you looking so happy….Looking for a new adventure….

A Few Don’t’s

1)  Steer clear of political and religious posting and pictures – unless that’s your target market.  You could be turning off an incredible leader just because you may not see “eye to eye” on personal things.

2)  Never bash other network marketing companies.  It just looks really unprofessional and it’s not what a true leader would do and that’s how you want your prospect to see you, right?  As the leader you really are 🙂

3)  DON’T “air your dirty laundry” – we’ve all seen it on Facebook and usually we have a negative reaction to it, so why do it yourself?

The whole world does not need to know the drama.  Again, not what a true, mature leader would do.

A good test is to look at your profile and try to be objective.  Better yet, have someone you trust take a look and give you their honest opinion.  Then be ready to make the necessary changes to improve it.

Bottom Line:  Look at your profile, postings, and pictures and ask the question:

Would YOU start a business with YOU, based on your image online?????

Keep in mind:
People are watching, whether they like or reply.
They can UNFOLLOW and UNFRIEND you at any time and you won’t even know it!

So keep your profile the “life of the Facebook party”…a place great people would love to meet and engage

and they keep coming back to see what you’re posting because they’re curious…

they want your life and they may just reach out to you to find out how they can get it too!

Here’s to YOU becoming the Facebook King or Queen with these cool Facebook Tips!

Elizabeth OlivaElizabeth



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