Never give up 2012 picmonkeyEver wondered how the rock stars in your company are doing it?  If you’re like me, you’ve thought “why are they shooting to the top, and not me?”  what’s the big difference?  Well, I’ve learned, with the help of my good buddy and mentor John Morrison, there a few things that are absolutely required if you want to succeed like a rock star in network marketing.  If you watch the rock stars in your company, you’ll see these secrets, every time 🙂

  1. Passion ~~ you know the one.  That guy or gal that gets in, promotes in 6 hours and doesn’t even know how to access the back office.  They just made $1,000 and don’t even know how it happened? They carry so much momentum that they are always on stage at every event.  Does that just want to make you scream? It did me.  What they have is Passion with a capital P.  People don’t even know the company name, what they offer or anything.  All they know is Johnny or Jane has something special…and they want a piece of it!  So how do YOU get it?  How do you become the IOF (Ignorance On Fire) that people want to follow?  You hang around those people who have the passion and soak it up.  Where do you find that?  You plug in…to your company events, calls, Facebook pages, etc.  The saying “birds of a feather flock together” is never more true than in this business.  You’ve got to BE around the people you most want to be like, then you’ll “catch” some of the fire.
  2. Intensity ~~ here’s the definition: “Exceptionally great concentration, power, or force”.  Those rock stars in your company know this secret very well 🙂 Do you ever wonder how they get it all done…and still sleep? They have this intensity.  They have FOCUS…like a laser.  They are intentional, directed, organized.  You can do this too.  You don’t need to work your business 24/7, it actually works much better when it’s done part-time for a lot of reasons (another blog post).    Work your business in the “nooks and crannies” of your day.  Take out a calendar and look at it, really look at.  See when you are working your job, when you are spending time with family, etc.  Then chart out those bits of time where you can make a couple of calls, send a couple of messages and connect with prospects (commute to work, part of your lunch break).  If you don’t do this, life will happen and your business won’t.
  3. Urgency ~~ when you started in your company, were you “too cool” to tell your friends and family?  That was me too.  I had too much pride and was too worried about what they would think about me joining “one of those things”.  Because of my pride, my business suffered…greatly, for way too long.  Newsflash: people will have their opinions no matter WHAT you do.  They’ll tell you what to do with your life, then they will go about their merry way and live their own life.  Why don’t you?  They don’t pay your bills anyway.  Make a new decision today: you are going to DO this thing, with or without them.  Your conviction will come through when you approach people, they will know that you’re “all in”.  People want to follow someone with conviction, someone who knows where they’re going.  Let that be you and those around you will be more inclined to follow you into your company.  It’s a posture the rock starts have and is a MUST for success!


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This is my first official blog post so welcome!  I hope I gave you some value today.  If so, please comment and share, let me know if, by applying some of the above, you get results in your business.  Have an awesome weekend!

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