To say that I had a lot to learn when I began my network marketing career is a huge understatement at best, although everyone around me thought I would be a natural.   Everyone around me wasn’t currently and had never been in the profession I was about to enter though.  They, like so many others outside of our profession, think “these” types of ventures are just for salespeople.

Actually the opposite couldn’t be more true.

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Why is that?  Because some of the basic skills are counterintuitive to sales.

In sales, mastering the skills of presenting and speaking can equate to added trust in your abilities to take care of the client and thus more sales closed.  Your client wants you to be an expert in your field.

In network marketing it’s just the opposite.

This wonderful profession requires different skill sets and these first 3 will help you create rapport and build trust in 90 seconds or less!

  1. Smile – I know this may not sound like a “skill” but some do not do it naturally.  If you’re one of those that gets asked often “if you’re happy go tell your face” –you might be lacking this skill J.  So practice in the mirror, asking yourself “would I say hi to me if I looked like this?”.

I don’t even care if you have all your teeth, just make sure your smile is genuine and warm.

  1. Ask questions – okay, not rapid-fire interrogation style or anything, but curious, genuinely interested type questions.  There is a great acronym to help you remember some good ones to get them talking:

FORM, which stands for:

F=Family (this is for people you know)  OR Where are you From (people you meet)?

R=Recreation, would do you like to do for fun?  Or on vacation?  In your spare time?

O=Occupation, what kind of work do you do? How long?  You must really love it!  (maybe not)

M=Message, this is where you invite, are they open?

  1. Listen – this is the skill I REALLY had to work on as a recovering salesperson (haha).  Most of us salespeople may LOOK like we’re listening to you while you talk, but we’re really thinking about what we are going to say to you next.  That, my friends, is NOT really listening.  Actually most people, not just salespeople do this as a habit.  It may require lots of practice to get out of this mode and start to really hear the person talking in front of you.  You must be present in the conversation, keeping your gaze on them, even if you’re in the midst of a noisy crowd or other people try to butt in.  When you do this and get it right, it’s unbelievable how much rapport and trust you can truly build with someone you may have even just met!

So if you want to attract people to you, build rapport and trust with them quickly, get really good at the 3 skills above.  When you do, you’ll have people who will walk away from talking to you thinking “I just love her/him and I’m not even sure why!”

I hope these tips have been useful to you.   If so, please share and comment below or on my FB page or Twitter.

Have a great Valentine’s Day weekend!Smile