How do you become more confident? I was on a really great MyLeadSystemPro Wake Up call with Vitaliy Dubinin from Israel and if you’ve ever listened to him or met him, you’ll see and hear that he exudes confidence. He is full of confidence now, but there was a time he said he really wasn’t. How did he become more confident?

He shared 4 ways that you can become more confident.

We are in a people business and people will join you if they are confident that you are the leader they are looking to follow. If you are not quite there yet, be encouraged. There are some things you can do.

Who Must You Be to Become More Confident?

You need to ask yourself: who must I become to be more confident? What does that person look like? What do they do?  If you’re not sure, hang around the successful people that you want to emulate and take notice of what they do.  Do they get up early?  Read?  Workout?  Study them and other mentors to see how they operate any differently than you.  Take notes, then start implementing what you see.  Also, envision the “you” that has achieved your dreams and goals.  What is that new you like?

To Become More Confident You Must Have These Beliefs

A more confident you believes everything will turn out well because of 4 beliefs:

  1. You Are Willing to Show Up – everyday, giving it your all, even when you have tough days.  That means no excuses.
  2. You Are Worthy of Success – no matter what anyone else says…including yourself. The self talk that we tell ourselves that we are not worthy is a bunch of junk.  You are worthy. You are extraordinary and you’re designed to do incredible things. Maybe you haven’t heard that in awhile, or you’ve never heard that, but say that out loud to yourself right now.
  3. You Are Capable – you are capable to learn anything and do anything that you put your heart and mind and soul behind.
  4. You Will UNTIL: You’re going to figure it out and doors will open up for you. You’ll be doing this UNTIL you make it happen. There’s no expiration date.There is no deadline. Doors will open, walls will come down, when you know like you know you are going to make this thing happen.

Have some fear? Join the club. Everybody does. Do it anyway.  That’s the difference in confident people.  They ignore the fear and keep pushing through it.

Take The Correct Massive Action

Take massive action and make sure it is revenue producing action. Some people say they are in action but they are really just busy checking their email, looking at Facebook, watching videos on YouTube or even watching yet another training course.  Are they doing the things that are necessary to move their business forward?  Time will tell by the results.

Celebrate the Successes Along the Way

When you take the correct massive action, you’ll have tiny little successes along the way and you’ll become more confident because you accomplished something that you set out to do. You kept your word and that’s going to build confidence.

Some Ways to Have Tiny Successes:

  • Make sure you are doing your daily rituals that are going to move you forward every single day. If you’re marketing online, that would be to produce content, promote it daily and connect with your audience.  If you’re building a network marketing business, that would be connecting with new prospects daily and exposing them to your business.  Other daily rituals can be your personal development, connecting with your team and focusing on your vision for your future.
  • Practice what you are afraid of. If you are afraid to make a video, go ahead and do it today. It doesn’t have to be perfect (and it won’t be) and you may be surprised that the more you do it, the better you are going to get.  You’ve got to start somewhere so go ahead and do it. If you have never spoken in front of a room, go do it. If you have never been on a Webinar, do your first one.  As you do this, affirm to yourself:

“This is my time and I have value to bring. I am unique in my own way and I have something special to bring to my marketplace!”

As you’re IN ACTION, you will become more confident!

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