The Kickstart

You just got back from your company event and you’re pumped!!

Everyone’s excited, motivated and ready to go to work.

But what’s the best way to take advantage of it?

Here are 4 ways to kickstart your home business after a company event.

 1.  Start a new list from scratch

If you’ve been in your business for any length of time, you probably have several lists of contacts here and there scattered around your desk, or on an electronic file.  Don’t throw those out, but see what your mind can come up with on it’s own by taking out a new notebook.  Get in a quiet place and open up your mind, your cell phone, your Facebook contacts, etc….just like you were brand new and see how many fresh names you can list.  You may even think of people you already had on the list, but now you have a different perspective.

I explore other ways to add to your list in this post here.

2.  Look at your stats

Up to this point, what are your numbers?

If you haven’t prospected in awhile, it’s time to start again and get some new stats to see how many people you need to talk to, to get your desired result.  For example, look at:

How many people have you connected with?  this could be over phone, Facebook message, text.

How many people did you actually talk to and invite to take a look at your business?

How many actually viewed your presentation?  Live, face to face, or video?

How many of those did you have a 3 way call or validation of some kind?  this could be a 3 way call with an “expert”, or a magazine that your company is featured in, or a live meeting where they can see other people having success with your business.  All of these provide “social proof” that your business could work for them and it’s EXTREMELY important to do this step.

How many people did you recruit?

With these numbers, you can see what you need to work on to improve.  If you’re not in action, you can’t see any of this and you really don’t have a business without it.

3.  Call Previous Prospects Back With Updates

 The Who Do You Know Update

You probably have people that you previously showed your business to that  were a “maybe” or even a solid no, but you want to call them back because they would be a great asset to your team.  Maybe they know a lot of people or they’re already successful.

Has your company expanded to a new area?  If so, you can call and say “a have a crazy question, call me back”

When they do, ask “who do you know in ____?” Very important: Let them answer THEN tell them why you’re asking.  This way, you have a greater chance of them not prejudging who they might refer to you based on their perception of your business and whether they think it might work for their referral.  This approach also let’s them know you are still working your business and even though they aren’t joining you, your team is growing.

A lot of times you’ll get “Oh ok, I’ll call so and so and talk to them first and see if they might be interested.”

Don’t ever let them talk to their referral, YOU need to be the one making that initial call.  It’s best when they make an introduction call, telling them that you’ll be calling, but not giving any details.

Why?  Because they are not sold on your company and can’t convey the posture you can.


“I need you to get them on the phone real quick for a warm introduction so I’m not cold calling them and they’ll answer my call.  Also, I need to chat with them myself to see if they are a good fit for my team”. 

This is an interview type question that puts you in a completely different posture than the amateur home business owner who is usually hypey and salesy.

Think about it…you really DO want to talk to this person because you’ll potentially be building a long-term business relationship and you need to know if you’re compatible, if they have the skills and qualities of the kind of person you’re looking to work with.

You need people in your business, just not any ONE person.  You need the right people, the serious ones, correct?

If they won’t agree to do this, just thank them for their time and get off the phone.  And don’t give them a link or any information anyway hoping they will do it right because they won’t 🙂  trust me.

What you’re doing here is managing the energy.  If they pull back, YOU pull back.  You want to be “pulley” not pushy.  A good takeaway has recruited many a prospect!  People want what they can’t have.

Don’t email the video first, get them on the phone and walk them to it

The Progress Update

These are really great and you can be very strategic.

Call previous prospects when you’ve promoted – make the call really short and just say

“hey just wanted you to know things are really popping over here, I just made another promotion and gave myself a raise…woohoo!  If you know anyone that might like a raise call me back, gotta run!”

I really like this one because you pitch it past them, which is a posture that you don’t need just them, and you’re moving along in spite of them.

When you recruit someone with their same type of job

“hey, just thought I’d call real quick before I hop on this conference call and let you know I just sponsored a realtor and he’s pumped and going to tear this thing up.  He really sees how this could be a great addition to his real estate career and he’s excited to grow his team with us.  Well, gotta run and get on that conference call, talk to ya soon!”

This shows them that even really “busy” people in their profession are  doing your business, when they may have previously thought they didn’t have time.  They might be thinking, if they can do it, maybe I can too.

When you recruit someone they know or even a friend – this is even better because it gives them real social proof and a fear of loss.  You just recruited their friend…ouch!  they totally just missed out!-

“Hey I’m headed into a meeting but remember Davey?  Oh yea, I just got him started in our business and he couldn’t believe you hadn’t told him about this.  He’s already got 100 names of business owners that he’s about to call and get this in front of.  He’s sure they’ll be just as excited as he was about it.  Just got to my meeting, gotta go.  By the way, if you change your mind and want to start working with me and Davey, call me back.”

If they are ANY bit competitive or entrepreneurial minded, they’ll call you back.  Another element of this is your credibility and rapport with this prospect.  If they know you, trust you and like you AND they’re ready to build a business, they’ll be calling.  If you haven’t built that trust, you’ll know because they may not call you back.

Your biggest asset in this whole thing: POSTURE

You may be apologizing for your business and not even know it by:

1)No sense of urgency


3)Asking instead of telling

4)Begging/convincing instead of interviewing

YOU are looking for people who are looking for you

Are they a fit?

Here’s a great article on prospecting with more posture to get better results.

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Events are powerful and can be a huge money maker for your business, IF you go and take action once you leave.

So go register for that next event with the intention of exploding your business coming out of it!

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