Are You “Stuck” in Your Business?

Have you hit a plateau and things aren’t moving fast enough?5 Ways to Get Un-Stuck in Your Business

Do you have a team, but not a lot of growth?

I’ve discovered 5 Ways to Get Un-Stuck in Your Business.

1.  Remove Un-Serving Language

I had a mentor early on, who helped me with this. I was not aware that the words I was using to talk about my business were not serving me.  What do I mean by that?  My mentor asked my permission, when I would say un-serving statements, to correct me and help me replace those words with words and statements that would serve me and my vision and goals for my future.

What do un-serving words or statements sound like?

“That’s just hard for me”

“I don’t have enough results yet”

“My team is dead/lazy/unmotivated”

“I’m not in sales”

“I’ve never done a video, I don’t know how”

“I’m not a marketer”

“I don’t have enough time to do this”

When you speak these kind of statements, whether out loud or in your head, you are manifesting them.

Have you ever said “Of course I’d catch the red light” or “this always happens to me”?

You’re actually giving that un-serving statement more power in your life.  Instead of saying things like this, say:

“I’m willing to learn whatever I need to learn to be successful”

“I will find the time to build my business because my future is worth it!”

“I am so happy and grateful I have a growing team and business!”

–this one may seem hard to say when you see a lack of growth, but speak it into existence, be grateful and you’ll be amazed at where your focus goes…to the positive.

If you’re struggling with how do get your mind “right”, check out my previous post here on The Five Pillars – How to Create A Lifestyle You Enjoy, Not Just Endure.

2.  Get Over It

If you find yourself saying negative, un-serving things, shake it off and get over it!  This is what the very successful people do.  When they experience a failure, their ability to flip the switch and move on is what separates them from the unsuccessful.

The more you practice this, the easier it will become.  For instance, when you become aware of negativity creeping in, use it as a trigger to change your state of mind to the positive.  If you get a “no”,  immediately pick up the phone.  If you hit an obstacle, go take a walk to clear your head or call someone and tell them how much you appreciate them.  You can write in a gratitude journal, what you’re grateful for.  FORCE yourself to change your FOCUS as fast as possible and you’re on your way!

3.  Give Yourself the Chance to Be Surprised at Your Unrealized Abilities

Give yourself the chance to learn new things and grow, be open with a positive expectancy that change is good.  Change opens up the door for new possibilities and allows you to stretch and grow.

In our business, if we’re not stretching and growing, the income will definitely NOT come!



4.  Give Yourself the Opportunity to Be Impressed with What You Can Become

Where you are today has gotten you the results you currently have, which may not be all you want.  If you’re like me, you want more growth, income, success.

We as human beings were created for greatness! Give yourself the opportunity to DREAM and be impressed by your future self.

We all have the ability to become more IF….we let ourselves.  So celebrate even the smallest successes you’re having along the way.  

For instance,

1) you made 5 calls today

2) you posted a value based post on Facebook

3) you messaged 10 people on LinkedIn

4) you followed up with that prospect

Success breeds Success — ever heard that one?  It’s really true!  You’ve got to give yourself permission to recognize what you’ve done RIGHT, to get more RIGHT…make sense?

Here’s a neat trick:  make a list for your day and when you accomplish something on the list, highlight it in your favorite color.  When you look back on your day, take a moment and be grateful for what you DID do.  This will motivate you to do MORE 🙂

5.  Give Yourself Permission to Fail….EPIC FAIL!!

Very successful people do not avoid failure, they actually welcome it and lean into it all the time.

Most of them say they learned more from their failures than their successes.

Examples of huge failures:

Thomas Edison – failed 1000 times before he created the lightbulb

Richard Branson – had dyslexia

Simon Cowell – had a failed record company

Jim Carrey – used to be homeless

Walt Disney – filed bankruptcy 4 times, and was told in 1927 a giant mouse on the movie screen would scare people

Michael Jordan – missed 9000 shots, lost 300 games, 26 times missed the winning shot

J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter) – was rejected by 12 publishers and told she should get a day job because she would never make it as a writer

So if you’re stuck, here are 5 ways to get un-stuck and keep moving towards your goals and dreams.

Did you enjoy this post?  Let me know by leaving a comment here below and share with anyone you know who might be “stuck” as well.

Here’s to you getting “Un-Stuck” in Your Business!

Elizabeth Oliva


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