Would you like to have a blog like the pros, bringing in millions every year?

Someone like Ray Higdon or Eric Worre? I’ve got a couple of pro blogging tips for you today that you may not know about that will increase traffic to your blog, help your blog rank higher AND help your visitors stay longer.

Search Before You Type

You may have an idea that you think is totally awesome for a blog post and you’re so excited to share it!blogging tips from the pros

But no one else thinks it’s a great idea.

You need to go to a search engine like Google and type in the title or keywords in your title and see how many other people are searching for what you are about to write.

For example, my title today with the keywords “blogging tips” has 35.4 MILLION searches…yea!! looks like some people might want to know some of my tips…

Mix It Up

IMG_5484Another great blogging tip is to mix up the media in your post. Make sure you have a great image or two (that’s me and blogging phenom Ray Higdon to the left) even video will help. Place the video at the END of your text, so your readers will have to read (or at least scan) before they get to see your video. On the images, place one on the left side, then one on the right (if you have two), not on the same side. Let the text wrap around the image so there is no “white space” on either side. Also make sure the image is the correct size for your blog theme (check your FAQs or send a support ticket). If you’re using the plugin Yoast SEO, you can set a different size image for your Facebook post (which you should do), at 1200 x 628 pixels.  If you need to re-size your image, Canva is a GREAT resource for this and LOTS of other images.  Canva will make you look very professional and it’s free 🙂

Link It Up

Make sure you have links to other related blog sites and especially links to your OWN posts that relate to your topic.  Search engines love when you do this.  For instance, above I have already linked to FIVE other highly trafficked sites and here is a related post of my own on this topic.

There are TONS of tips, tricks and strategies when it comes to creating a rocking blog.

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Did you enjoy these blogging tips from the pros?  If so, please comment below and let me know which ones you DIDN’T know about before.

If you know anyone who could benefit from these tips, feel free to share!

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Here’s to YOU finding your blogging voice and building YOUR million dollar blog!

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