Why I Joined Ray Higdon’s Private Blogging Association

Some may ask “why do you blog?”,  knowing that I’m building a home business.3 Step VoiceMail Strategy

Several years ago, a mentor of mine looked at me and said “you should brand yourself”. I said “huh?”. I had NO CLUE what he meant, because I had been immersed in the “old school” network marketing training, where all your prospecting was warm market, just the people you knew.

I was struggling though, because my “warm market” wasn’t listening back then.

Because I had found my first home business online, I always knew there had to be a way to reach out and find more qualified prospects beyond my warm market and my own backyard.

I just had to find out HOW.

Back then, I spent thousands of dollars on “home business seeker” leads and had very little success finding any leaders (I found one). It wasn’t until years later that I really started the journey of blogging, learning everything I could about it, while continuing to build my home business. One of the first courses I bought was Ray Higdon’s Pro Blog Academy Course, which helped me to start to “wrap my head around” the concept of attraction marketing and personal branding. I’m still learning as I go and am really excited to tell you about a new group I just joined to help me take it to the next level…quickly!

You may be asking “who is this Ray Higdon guy?”

That was the same question I had before I bought his first course. Even way back then I realized he had the results I wanted to have and I wanted to learn more from him. Ray Higdon is not only a top earner in his home business, he has become a master blogger, receiving thousands of leads and unique visitors on his blog every month, while he continues to build his own home business. I completely identified with him, knowing that he had what I wanted….

network marketing experience AND online marketing experience.

The group I just joined is Ray Higdon’s Private Blogging Association, which is still fairly new. In the few short weeks I have been in the group, I’ve been literally blown away with the value he is providing for all of us.
In the video below I share just a couple of extremely valuable tips from the group, for anyone who wants a successful blog:

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Did you like those tips? I can’t tell you how invaluable it’s been to literally look over Ray’s shoulder as he reveals what he does daily with his blogging to create a massive, responsive audience.  There are videos in the group, where you can watch and pause and watch again, and learn step by step straight from Ray, exactly what to do.  Also, being in a group coaching environment like this is so helpful, especially if you’re trying to do this thing on a budget (which is most of us) and you don’t have thousands set aside for one on one coaching yet.  As others ask questions, you get to learn.  When you ask a question, they learn from you too.

Do you want to really master this blogging thing?  If so, like I mention in the video, reach out to Ray at Ray@RayHigdon.com to get more info.

Hope to see you in the group!
Elizabeth OlivaElizabeth