Can you have a successful multi-topic blog? Or do you need to stick to one topic?

Why can you not have a blog that talks about fashion one day, the weather the next day, politics the next day? The reason is you will lose your audience.

Why A Multi-Topic Blog Doesn’t Work

Most blogs have a target audience and speak consistently to them.  The only ones that don’t and are successful as a multi-topic blog are people like Oprah who has a target audience of people who love her. She already has a huge personal brand that she has built but for the rest of us we need to figure out who we’re talking to and what problems of theirs we’re solving.

For instance, if you are in health and wellness you want to help people solve problems in health and wellness.  One of the most common is help to lose weight.

People want to fit into their skinny jeans, be able to run up the stairs again and they want to do better with their health.  There are all kinds of different reasons people want to improve in the area of health and wellness.

What is my target market?

Struggling network marketers because that is the journey that I’ve been on. That is the area where I’ve had breakthroughs, and that is who I’m coaching on a daily basis.  The content that I come up with comes from coaching calls, trainings that I’ve been to, things that I’m involved in every single day. It’s something I can talk about with passion every single day because I love helping others succeed and have breakthroughs.

So can you talk about your topic with passion? Do you have that with what you’re thinking about for the content of your blog?

You want to get real deep into your target market.  What are their needs? What are they struggling with? What is the language that they use? What are the problems that you can solve of theirs? Great places to find some of their words are on Amazon in the reviews of books in your niche, or, Facebook groups that your target market would hang out in.

Then you come up with digestible content, tiny pieces of content that you can put out every day to that audience that they’re going to consume and they’re going to love. They’re going to come back to your blog, you’re going to start to become an authority and they will stay with you long term. This will help you build your list.  Your readers will start to know, like and trust you and that means money. If you’re not congruent and you skip around to different topics on your blog,  you will lose your audience, because they thought they were coming there to hear about how make great floral arrangements, then you write a piece about a wellness shake…totally not congruent. If you do this you’ll never really gain traction for a blog.

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