Do you ever get frustrated in your home business when you see others succeeding faster than you?

It could be because you cannot pursue what you can’t see.

Those that are achieving their goals and dreams in their home business have clearly defined what they see in their future, down to the smallest details.

Have you done that for your future?  Do you know exactly what you’re working for?

Have you written it out as if you’re there right now?

Why Goals Are Not Enough

How to Crush Your Goals This Year

If not, that could be why you’re frustrated, so I give you some tips in the video below:



So commit to working on what you can’t see yet in your home business by asking yourself some questions:

What exactly can I not see?

Work on your specific vision and who you want to become in your home business.  The book I mentioned in the video, Mach II With Your Hair on Fire by Richard Bliss Brooke is an excellent tool to help you craft a better, clearer vision that will pull you into action.

Who do I need to get around to see it?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the average of your five, right?  The average income of the five people you hang around most will usually determine your income.  In home business, you have ample opportunities to get around the people who have the success that you are wanting to achieve.  Make it a point to be in their company every chance you get, asking questions and soaking up their energy and knowledge.  It WILL make a difference because you start to see what’s possible for yourself and your brain realizes you can get there.

What do I need to read/listen to/go to to see it?

It’s absolutely critical for success in home business to always be working on yourself.  Jim Rohn said is well: “For things to get better, you get better.”

Make it a part of your daily routine to read or listen to something in the realm of personal development at least 15-30 minutes per day.  Our business is about attracting quality people and you cannot attract someone who is a “10” if you’re a “5”.  A constant diet of personal development will “raise your lid” as John Maxwell says, and help you become a better person.  That will, in turn, help you attract better people into your home business.

Events are non-negotiable in home business if you want to move beyond being frustrated.  Events are designed to build your belief and help you re-energize and get re-connected to your reason why you started your home business.  This can spur you on to take action and create more results because you see it’s possible as others are making it happen.

So when you get frustrated, check your vision, check to see what you’re NOT seeing yet and change it!

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