What makes the top earners, top earners? How are they different? They all have 24 hours in a day, the same as everyone else. The Five Pillars of Success in Home BusinessSo how do they make it so big?

There are FIVE Pillars of Success to creating the lifestyle you really want, the one you dream of, the one you imagined when you began your home business, no matter how long ago that was. It’s just most home business owners never “pull it altogether” and make it happen. This article today will be about the FIRST PILLAR.


If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times in our business – the biggest journey is the 6 inches between your ears. Why? Because most of us come into this game with a lot of baggage, programming, negative tapes playing, etc. It really does make a HUGE difference in who succeeds quickly or even at all.
FIRST OF ALL — Quit thinking about what you know and LOOK AT YOUR RESULTS.
oooohhh….BIG ego check here! This is where you need to ask yourself “how bad do I want this? Am I willing to be coachable to the successful people, shut up and follow their directions?” In the beginning of my business, I had a slight (really huge) problem with pride and ego and it kept me broke for 3 years (yes, I’m a slow learner). I finally had to get real and ask myself that question above.  I wanted to make this work, so I had to listen and be coachable. Once I did that, everything started to change. I still have to do an ego check and make sure I’m still coachable from time to time.

Get the Negativity OUT

1. The Average of Your Five
This could be in many areas, but let’s start with who you hang out with.
Ever heard that you will become the average of the five people you hang out with the most? Check it out right now in your own life and see if it isn’t true 🙂 I’m sure you love your friends and family, but if they’re always negative, it’s time to make some adjustments. Start to limit the time you spend with negative people and ADD time with positive people. Make sure you’re going to your company events, even the small ones like your local meeting because you will be surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded peeps all moving in the same direction to better their life.

2. What You Feed Your Mind Matters
Start becoming aware of what you let in to your space. YOU are in control of that, not the media. If you listen to talk radio all day, change that to personal development audios and make your car a “rolling university”. At night, do you spend several hours in front of the TV? Just think about this: you are watching people who have already become successful, they’re NOT helping YOU become successful. Replace the TV with training or working with your team building your business. Time is our most precious commodity and if we don’t become aware of how we’re spending it, it’ll be gone…and you won’t have created that lifestyle you dreamed of.
Even movies you watch. Personally, I can’t watch horror or a lot of violence because it sticks with me. So I choose to not watch those. Watch movies that ADD to your mind, not take away.

3. Monitor Your Language
Be aware of your words – the ones you speak out loud AND the ones in your head. Words really do matter and they manifest in your life. Here are some examples:

Have you ever got caught at a red light when you really needed it to be green? Did you say “of course that would happen to me today”? And then it happened even more? There ya go…that’s one example.

What about this one: “No one on my team is working” — and they probably won’t miraculously start if you keep saying that 🙂  Instead, be grateful for everyone on your team, say something like this: “I’m so happy and grateful that I have a growing team of home business entrepreneurs!”

Have you ever said:

“They must’ve been born into all that wealth”

“Easy for them, they had connections starting out with their family”

“Why would anyone need a car/house/watch/vacation like that?”

If you ever want to achieve the lifestyle of the wealthy, you can’t be knocking people who are. It doesn’t work like that. I actually had to adjust my attitude about some people in my life who are quite wealthy when I realized this principle. Instead of being negative about their wealth, think of what you can edify about them. Do they provide a lot of jobs for people? Do they give a lot of money to great causes? I’m sure you can find something if you try…AND if you really want to be wealthy you will 🙂

Watch the words “I never”, “I can’t”, “I always get that wrong”

Start changing your speech and you can change your life.

Replace those words with “I can”, “I choose”, “I will”.

What we focus on expands, so if it’s negative, we get more negative.

Believe More and Suspend Your Disbelief

1. Start believing more and suspending your disbelief.  Your past does NOT equal your future. Anything is possible despite your resume. Today can be a new day, you can always START OVER.

2. Show up to your company events.  This is so you can witness people winning despite ALL kinds of obstacles. You’ll start to alter your brain and realize your situation really isn’t THAT bad, and realize if they can do it, so can YOU.

3. Create psychological triggers for yourself. When you feel yourself start to spiral down, pick up the phone and call that one person who can always pick you up and inspires you. Or get into ACTION by doing a REVENUE producing activity for your business, like calling a prospect, sending a message over social media to a prospect or going to a networking event and meeting new prospects. If you wait until you FEEL like it, it will never happen. ACT your way into the FEELING, not the other way around. That’s what successful people do.

4. Always be investing in yourself.  Remember, YOU are the ONLY investment that has a guaranteed 100% return.  There are a ton of resources out there to help you change your mindset, Jim RohnAnthony Robbins, Darren Hardy, John Maxwell, Brendon Burchard are just a few to get you started.

This FIRST PILLAR is sooo critical and to be successful in home business, you will always be working on it. Our business is about growing people, including yourself. You attract who you are, so develop the mindset of the super successful to attract those who are or who want to be.  Not only will you create a lifestyle that you enjoy, but you will help a lot of other home business entrepreneurs to do the same and that, my friend, is the greatest reward!

Did you enjoy the FIRST PILLAR?  Do you know someone who needs some help in this area of MINDSET?  Feel free to comment below and share!

Your Mindset Maven,