What’s Your IQ?

Out at Go Pro Recruiting Mastery in Vegas back in October, we got to hear from Mike Sims. He is an amazing speaker, a top earner in network marketing.

He said, “What is your IQ?” He wasn’t talking about your Intelligence Quotient.

He was talking about your I QUIT level in network marketing.

When are you ready to quit? Here’s the key: if you have an answer for that, then you need to ask yourself a couple of questions.

How Strong is Your Why for Building Your Network Marketing Business?

You need to check why you’re doing your network marketing business. Is your vision clear enough? Is your why strong enough? Because if you have an answer for your, “I quit” level, then it’s probably not strong enough.

Are you willing to do this until?

Until your dreams happen?

Until your goals happen?

It should be until …

If you haven’t gone “all in” on your vision, anything could take you off course.  Life will happen and you’ll be given every opportunity to let excuses keep you from having the life you once dreamed of when you started your business.

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Who Is Depending on Me to Build My Network Marketing Business?

Do you have family? Do you have children? Do you have a spouse? Do you have someone in your life that really needs this to happen for both of you?

Think about that.

Where would you be in five years if your dreams did NOT happen?

Would you be in the same place?  Or worse off?  Take a minute and GO THERE in your mind and really feel how it would feel and how you don’t want to be there.

For me that deep dark place is no retirement.

If I don’t do this business, then there’s no retirement set up. As an entrepreneur, I didn’t plan for the future so now I’m trying to play catch up.

Maybe some of you can relate to that?

Good news is, it’s working because I do have residual income.

I have more residual income than most people have from their social security income. That’s what this business can do in a few short years.

So ask yourself what your IQ is and hopefully the answer is, “I don’t have an IQ.”

“I don’t have an I quit level.” You’re going to do this until.

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