Do you or would you feel guilty about making lots of money in your network marketing business? How do you feel when you see the people walking across your stage at your company event getting recognized for passing the million dollar mark?  When you think about that happening to yourself do you start to feel guilty? Sometimes people start to feel guilty about making lots of money when those around them may not be as fortunate.

It’s Selfish to Feel Guilty About Making Lots of Money

I want you to get that out of your head because actually it’s selfish to not want to be successful and to not make a lot of money. Why? Money flowing into your bank account is only a reflection of the value you’re bringing to your marketplace.  It’s just a measurement, an indicator.  The more value you can bring, the more money you can make.  Why should you make more money? Because your poverty is serving no one. You not making lots of money is not helping anyone, including you. There are a lot of people who get in this business and have high and honorable aspirations of starting their own charity or helping those around them who are less fortunate.  Problem is, they usually haven’t even helped themselves yet.

We have a saying:

“Put the oxygen mask on you first, then you can help other people.”

Remember that your success will serve everyone. Your poverty will serve no one. You need to become a success so you can help other people, you can inspire others to do what you are doing. You can show them the way. If you desire, you need to be insanely successful, incredibly wealthy because you can then go out and impact a whole lot of people.  When YOU make it, they can see how they can too.

When you create this kind of success, you can write that blank check to that charity or church of your choice. When you’re financially free, you can volunteer your time because you have time and money freedom, which most people think is impossible. Don’t feel guilty, rather, be excited, feel empowered that you can do this with your network marketing business and show the world it IS possible to have both.

More Tips on Money Mindset

Have a Prosperity Mindset

We have an amazing profession where the sky is the limit. You can go for it and you can make it happen. The only one stopping you is YOU.  The world needs your success story, so let’s go!!

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