Changing Your Money Mindset

Let’s talk about your money mindset.Money Mindset

I was in Vegas not too long ago, and I got to see a speaker, a trainer, an icon in the network marketing profession named Brian Carruthers.

The guy not only has made a lot of money in our profession, he’s also saved a lot of money. That’s what he talked about in Vegas.

He has a new book on the subject of building wealth called “The Money Mindset”.

You definitely want to get this.

It’s a quick read, and it talks about what he’s passionate about, which is helping network marketers change their money mindset and not only make money but keep their money and build wealth with this amazing vehicle that we have in network marketing.

One thing that really gets him is how we celebrate the people that are making a lot of money.

You know the talk:

“I’ve made six figures.”

“I’m making a million dollars.”

“I’m a seven figure earner.”

“I have 7 Bentleys” and 5 mansions”

Things like that. He says he wishes that we would celebrate, as much or more, the people who have saved a hundred thousand dollars,

not just the people who have made it, because in the end it’s really about what you keep.

It’s not about just what you make.  You could make $100,000 but if you spend $101,000…you’re still broke, just at a higher level right?

He talks about how you need to pay yourself first.

I can relate because in network marketing when I first started I was not very wise.  I didn’t have the right money mindset at all…

I started without a job and I was in desperation mode, working so hard just to pay the bills.

I should’ve gotten a job and worked my business part-time.

I needed every penny just to make ends meet.

I wasn’t able to reinvest it like I needed to in myself and my business.

First thing I’d say is make sure if you’re jumping into this profession, keep working your full-time… whatever it is.

If it’s a business, keep doing that. If it’s a job, keep doing that.

You can do this part-time and build as you go, and when you do that go ahead and set up a wealth building account.

Brian talks about that, and pay yourself first.

Have an automatic withdrawal that goes from where the money comes in to your wealth account, ten percent where you don’t even know it’s happening. When you have a 401K at a job you can have this set up as well.

Do it for yourself. Set that up immediately. You’ll never miss it. Take it off the top.

Also, give. I’m a big proponent of giving to charities, churches, mission work. It’s very important to give as well.

When you give, you’ll be given more.

Then you have what’s left, and then you operate on that. Make sure you’re paying yourself first, you have an account set up separate that you can do that with.

Sometimes you may hear this in the industry to go ahead and get the fancy house to show that you’ve made it, get the fancy car.

He doesn’t advocate any of that. In fact, he even talks about how on a plane he’ll see people in his down line go into first class as he goes onto coach.

He has the right money mindset and he doesn’t have to flaunt it or be pretentious.

He keeps it, and he builds wealth by making his money work for him.

We have the ability to make so much money in this industry, in this profession, and we should.


The sky is the limit, literally.

There’s no ceiling on what you can do in a network marketing profession, but just remember to be wise with the money that you are making.

Set some aside. Let it start building wealth for you.

Let it start going to work for you as you build your business, because at the end it’s about what you keep,  not just about what you make.

Did you enjoy  this money mindset tip today from Brian Carruthers?

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I recommend you go get the book and share it also!  Here’s another link where you can find it on Amazon.

Here’s to YOU not only making a fortune in network marketing but keeping it and building wealth!

Elizabeth OlivaElizabeth



P.S.:  I just picked up this course to help me change the way I think about money, really excited to go through it.  I’ll be sharing what I’m learning here on the blog, but if you want to dive in with me, GO HERE and check it out…