Profit and Win with Live Events

I’ve never met a top earner in home business that did not attend events.

They know they absolutely make you money and are a key to success…

I’ve been to all my company events and many home business generic events and I wouldn’t dream of missing them.

Do you want to be a top earner?  Then you need to know how live events will make you moneybig money.

Team Advantages That Will Make You Money

Total Immersion – Destination events have a special magic about them. Your team won’t have the day to day distractions so they can focus completely on what’s happening in the “bubble” of the event, making it that much more of a powerful memory and experience that will stick with them way after the event.

Social Proof – most home business owners may have seen some social proof of people having success at their local meetings, but the big destination event is where they will see huge validation of their decision to start their business.  They’ll see people, just like them, walking across the stage and they may start thinking “if they can do it, so can I!”

Positive Peer Pressure – Some people are motivated MORE by recognition than MONEY, believe it or not.  When they see all these people getting recognized for their efforts, they want that.  Most people that are in a corporate job rarely get recognized or appreciated and it’s like oxygen to them.  They will come to the event and leave inspired and ready to take action because they want to be on that stage next year!

We’re In This Together – We have a saying in home business: “You’re in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself”.  This is even more evident when your team attends the live destination event and they realize they’re in a great community of like minded people.  This is THE best environment to work in that I have ever seen in all my years.  I’ve met the best, highest quality people in my life that are now some of my dearest friends…from ALL walks of life.  The glue that holds us together is home business and reaching for our dreams, when the rest of the world is satisfied “existing” in mediocrity.  Your team will be exhilarated after being around the energy of the destination event.  They’ll go back with rock-solid belief that they can do this thing!

Prospecting Advantages That Will Make You Money

Make Them Curious – take impromptu pictures and videos on the way to the event, at the event, with your business partners having a great time eating dinner, someone getting an award, YOU getting an award (ask someone ahead of time to be ready to take the pic or video).  These lifestyle pictures will create such a curiosity when you post them on social media the RIGHT way, your friends will be compelled to ask you what’s going on in your life.  You’re having so much and they’ll want to be a part of it, at least the ones that want more for their lives…and that is really who you want to attract.

Take strategic pictures with leaders – this is very important for your credibility, as they see you with these leaders it will raise your influence with them.

The RIGHT way to post these pics on social media – make sure you LEAVE OUT the company name, product name, any kind of branding. If you’re at the after party, make sure all your pics are not of you with alcohol in your hands because that may turn people off.

You want people to ‘lean in” and watch your posts. You want to create curiosity to where they want to reach out to YOU and ask you what you’re up to. If you do a video, don’t try to squeeze in a shameless plug either.  That will lower your credibility and drive them away.

People are attracted to happy, busy people having lots of fun. Show that side of yourself with these pics and videos from your event.

Opportunities with Leaders That Will Make You Money

Very rarely do you get the chance to be around the top earners in your company so don’t be shy, take advantage it!

Go up, introduce yourself and ask them that burning question that you’re struggling with in your business. Most of them are very gracious if they’ve reached that level of success and are more than willing to share what they did to get where they are. You just have to be bold enough to ask.

Also, the more they know your face, the better.  You keep showing up and those leaders will take notice and be more open to helping you in the future…IF they know who you are.

So if you’re not registered for your company’s big event, make the decision today and make it happen.

You’re ability to make money in your home business is depending on it!

If you got some value from this post, let me know by leaving a comment below.  Also share with anyone you know that is still not sure if going to events will make them money or not.

See you at the next event!

Elizabeth OlivaElizabeth


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