Hope you’re having a great holiday weekend!

Our Thanksgiving was fun yesterday, spending time with both my family and the in-laws.  Last night, my Dad was reminiscing with me and telling my husband, my niece and her husband about how I got into Texas  A&M University.

He and I drove down and talked to the dean of the school of business that summer. I remember he was a very nice man and he wanted to let me in but discovered I had an “incomplete” in one class at Baylor University.  He looked at my dad, smiled, then looked at me and said “I’d love to have you but you have this ‘incomplete’. Unless that gets changed, you won’t be able to enroll.”  I looked at him and said “it will get changed”.  He really didn’t think I could do it, but my dad knew me, so he knew differently.

A&M ring pic with Kate maroon border

My and my niece’s Texas A&M class rings

I don’t remember all this but my 80 year old father does.  All I remember is convincing the dean to let me in.  As my dad recalls, we went back up to Baylor University  where he waited for me for a few hours while I got the grade changed to a “complete”.

I don’t remember what I did that day to make it happen.

I do remember the outcome:  I do remember that I DID get into A&M and I graduated!

All my life this has been a common thread and the man who watched me do it that day, my Dad, is where it came from.  Sheer determination to get my way is probably what gave my dad most of his grey hair.  I would push, push, and push until he gave in.  I could envision the outcome I wanted then I would do everything I could to make it happen, never thinking it wasn’t going to happen.  My siblings labeled me selfish, a brat, etc.  Looking back, I would probably agree.

But the best thing that happened out of all that, was knowing how it felt to “win”, to accomplish.

“Where there’s a will, there is a way”

That saying was definitely in my DNA from the start.  Most everything I tried to accomplish was fairly easy—running track, music, straight “A’s”, even graduating a year early from high school as a junior.  Yes, I had obstacles along the way but I always saw past them to the end result that I was envisioning for my future.

I know that God gave me and still gives me these downloads.

I know that I have visions of greatness for a reason~~because they’re supposed to come true.

“What you focus on is what you get”

Back then I hadn’t even heard this phrase but I was putting it into practice with every track race, every piano recital, every class I needed to “ace”, which I did.  Excellence was expected at our house and I definitely delivered—because I SAW myself achieving.

I put that same skill into practice now to accomplish the goals and dreams in front of me.  I revisit these successes to remind myself that I have accomplished great things before and will again.  I envision my future dreams and goals so clearly it seems like I’m watching the movie of my own life.

I am very powerful when I put my mind to it.   We ALL are very powerful because that’s how we were designed.

It all starts between your ears.   Take a little time this weekend to recall, even re-live those successes in your life no matter how small they seem.  Write them down.

Go back and look at them as you move towards your dreams.

Think back, remember how it felt to accomplish — and use that feeling to propel you forward.

Now create those new visions of your future.  Write down every last detail.  Close your eyes and paint the picture, see it come into focus.

Daddy & Me after the Futurity Dec2012 at his house

This is the real movie of your life and you have the power to create it right now.  Review every last detail, over and over and often.  Your mind is a laser-targeted missile and will focus on what you put in front of it.  Make sure that your dreams and goals are in front of your mind every day.

You and I and every human being on the planet are the most amazing creatures ever created.  Don’t listen to anyone who says differently.

You, like me, are designed for greatness.  You are extraordinary and are designed to break through barriers, see the unseen and accomplish the impossible.

Those around may tell you, you “can’t get in”, “can’t do that”, or will “never make it”.

I’m here to tell you…

You will.  I did 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,


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