How would you like to increase your closing ratios?

Recently, I attended the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event in Vegas and wow! Never before have so many network marketing professionals gathered together under one roof with one cause. History is being made right now and we owe it to Eric Worre and his team.

One of the speakers was Susan Sly. She has an amazing story that you can see here.

She spoke about how NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) helped to explode her business by increasing her closing ratios. She shared the secret that big marketers don’t want you and me to know, that increases closing ratios dramatically.

It’s called The Art of Persuasion.

In fact, when Susan started to implement this strategy, she went from about a 25% closing ratio to 90%. Sounds like it works pretty well huh? 🙂

1. Identify the Universal Problem That People Can Relate To

What problem does your product or service solve? For instance:

most Americans are obese OR

Everyone would love to save money on utilities if they could.

2. Other Solutions That Do Not Work

Okay, this is NOT where you bash other network marketing companies to increase your closing ratios! That’s not what this means. This is where you identify general solutions that don’t work, such as:

1)Yoyo diets where you starve or that don’t work OR

2) Confusing utility bills where companies SAY they are saving you money but it’s all smoke and mirrors.

3. Why Is Our Solution Better?

Again, don’t bash other companies. Talk about what makes your company different.

For example:

1) Our weight loss program is super easy to follow and convenient for the busy professional. OR

2) Our utility bills are easy to read and guaranteed rates for a fixed time.

When you are talking about this, you can watch your prospect as part of a “trial close”, by seeing how they react to what you are saying.

4. What Makes You Qualified? This is where you ETR=Earn the Right

Best thing you can do here to increase your closing ratios is share YOUR story. New network marketers think they have to be an expert here, but this is just about being relatable. Be honest about your story.  Share your situation, before then results:

1) I tried so many other weight loss programs and never got results. I started with our program and lost 20 lbs in 3 months or

2) I had debt for years hanging over my head but could never get it paid off.  In my first 90 days, I made enough income to pay off a credit card”…. You can even START OVER after going to a training, drawing the line in the sand and saying “I got really committed to my business and in the next 90 days I (share a result here)”. Normal people can see how they could do this too and that’s what you need!

5. What Is The Evidence?

There are 2 parts to this:

1) anecdotal – tell a story of a customer that got results OR a business partner that got an income result that is RELATABLE, like got to take a vacation, or bought the school supplies without going into debt. DON’T tell the crazy income stories or show pictures of fancy cars or mansions. Most people’s lives would be changed with $500/month in their budget and they could believe that.

2) facts – you can tell them verifiable facts about your product or service. Don’t exaggerate here. You don’t need to do that and people will find out if you are, even if it’s down the line, and then you’ve lost all credibility.

The action step that Susan gave was to WRITE OUT YOUR PRESENTATION. Don’t type or speak, but write so that you really internalize it. If you’re actively working your business, you will be doing this presentation over and over again so you’ll need to get good at it.
Then ask yourself how many people can I get in front of today? this week? this month? Instead of how many presentations?  If you’re doing webinars or group meetings, you can increase your exposure quickly this way, to more people.

It will probably take 20-30 presentations to get really good, according to Susan.

This is one of the strategies to become a network marketing professional, increase your closing ratios and build a bigger team faster!

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