All of us are told when we start in our network marketing business to go to your warm market.

Go to the people that know you, like you, and trust you the most.

Sometimes those people are the people that really shut us down the fastest, so how do you increase your posture in the warm market?

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Don’t Be Addicted to The Outcome

As I was listening to Ray Higdon’s podcast the other day (I recommend it highly by the way), he was talking about how most of us get upset when we get rejected from our warm market for one main reason:

We’re addicted to the outcome.

When we care, we lose our posture completely and sometimes can look desperate.

We want this person in our business because we know, like and trust them. We’d really like to work with them.

We know maybe they’d be great at it, and then they tell us, “No.”  What?!

Then we might get offended, get hurt or we take it personally.  It’s so difficult not too when it’s someone you know well.

So how do you change that?  How do you increase your posture and not be addicted to the outcome?

Ray learned a great tip it from a real estate sales trainer, and I thought it made a lot of sense actually.

How To Become “Un” Addicted to the Outcome and Keep Your Posture

You’re just a decision collector and your pulse or heart rate should not change, whether they say yes or no.  So to help you get “un-addicted”, here’s
the great tip I learned.

Practice Negotiation Skills Over the Weekend

Go to a yard sale or a garage sale or estate sale, and look at an entire table of stuff. It might be 50 cents an item, or whatever, and tell them you’ll give them $10 for the whole table (or something like that).

Make sure you don’t even care about the stuff on the table … and see how far they’ll negotiate.increase posture

They probably will negotiate because they want to get rid of everything.

When you do that, start to feel that energy of not caring.  Whether they say yes or no, you know you still don’t want anything on that table…so it doesn’t matter 🙂

That’s what you want to come across with your warm market…..that you simply don’t care whether they join or not.

When they tell you, “Oh my gosh, this is a pyramid scheme,”

the old reaction might be “Of course it’s not a pyramid scheme. Of course I would never put you in something like that. We’re friends, I wouldn’t do anything illegal.” 

The old reaction would be to get upset and lose your posture.

Once you’ve done this exercise, hopefully it will be easier for you to say:

“Hey, you know what? It sounds like it’s not for you. I got to run. I have an appointment I got to get to,” and you’ve maintained and even maybe increased your posture.

When you act like you don’t care, people tend to lean in more.  They’re expecting you to jump all over them and beg and convince.

It’s just human nature: we want what we can’t have 🙂

Really, you don’t want someone coming into your business who is skeptical before they even see anything.

You want someone who is excited to partner up with you and excited to change their life.

So don’t be addicted to the outcome ever with your warm market.

You’re just trying to spread the word. You’re just seeing if they’d be open to taking a look at a side project that you two could work on together, because you enjoy being around each other, and you can make some money.

If they’re not open to that, it’s okay. Move on, find people who are OPEN, and you’ll have increased your posture with that warm market person even if they don’t join because you didn’t beg or convince.  It might even make them think twice or come back to talk to you about it later…hehe 😉

So go try the yard sale technique. Go to one this weekend, and see if that helps you with that energy that increases your posture.

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Happy Negotiating!

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