Closing Multiple Prospects in a Group

Do you do home meetings and hotel meetings? Have you ever had it go wrong?

I have!

I’ve got some tips for you if you are closing in a group setting and you have multiple prospects right there after the presentation.

If you are closing prospects in a group setting, maybe you’re in a hotel, maybe you’re in a home meeting, or maybe you’re doing a call and you have several prospects on the line. I’ve got some tips that I just learned from Ray Higdon on his podcast.

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The reason I love his podcast is because it’s in tiny little bits and pieces of training. It’s five minutes here or three minutes there, really quick. I can fit it into my day. I can be driving in the car and listen to a couple of tips of training. Love it, absolutely love it.

No Public Q&A When Closing Prospects in a Group

You want to make sure you do not ever, ever be in front of the room or in front of the group and say,

“Does anybody have any questions?”

This could open it up to possibly that negative, cynical guest that maybe didn’t even want to be there and they blurt out something really negative, and just ruin the whole atmosphere of the group.

What you want to say is,

“We will be around to answer your questions after the presentation, if you have any. Go ahead and right those down and we’ll be happy to answer those after we get done.”

Give Options When Closing Prospects in a Group

I used to do a national call for several years, where at the end of it I would say,

“After listening to all this information, either you’re an A, a B, or a C-type person. If you’re a C-type person, you just don’t see it for yourself. We appreciate your time. If you know someone that we could help, please connect us with them and we would be glad to get this in front of them to see if this can be a fit for them.”

 “If you’re a B-type person, maybe you want to be a customer, and that’s awesome too. Maybe you have some questions and you’re just not quite there, but we are happy to answer those questions and get you started tonight, and help you become a customer if that’s the route you want to go.”

“If you’re an A-type person, you’re the person we’ve been looking to partner with. You’re the person that is already thinking of a couple of people that could start with you right away. Those people that would be excited and happy to know about this information too. Don’t waste any time. Let’s get you started tonight. Welcome to the team.

I went C, B, and A when I was closing prospects and what I just learned is I was doing it exactly wrong.

You want to actually focus on the A person, the person that you want to partner with when closing prospects in a group setting. To change it around, it would sound something like this:

“Tonight you may fall into three different categories. You’re either an A, a B, or a C. If you’re an A-type person, you’re the person that has watched all of this, you’ve seen it, and it makes sense to you. You can’t wait for me to stop talking and fill out that form because you are ready to go. You’re even thinking of a couple of people that need to get started with you. We welcome you to the team. We’re ready to help you get started and start making money tonight!”

“If you’re a B-type person, you’re the person who has a couple of questions. You’re not quite there yet but you think it might be for you. Or you might just want to be a customer, that’s awesome too. We are happy to answer your questions.”

“If you are a C-type person, you are someone who you don’t even know why you’re here or maybe even why you’re on this call.  It’s not really for you, doesn’t make sense at all. We appreciate your time. We hope that you might know someone that we possibly could partner with.”

“If you’re that A-type person, we are ready to get you started and can’t wait to help you start your business tonight so go ahead and get with that person that’s with you. Let them know you’re ready to go. We are welcoming you to the team, let’s rock this out!”

You see, I focused more on the A person and went back to the A person. People want to be included in something cool, they want to be that person that you want to talk to. They want to be that special person. When you focus on the A person or the number one person, they have more tendency to want to be that person. I started and I ended with that person that I’m wanting in the business. It’s a psychology that works 🙂

You edify this person that is going to start on your team, that you’re going to rock it out with. You’re going to have a blast. You’re so excited!

And that is attractive to people and will help you as you’re working on closing prospects into your business.

Did these tips on closing prospects in a group setting help you?  I hope so!  Let me know by leaving me a comment below and feel free to share on Facebook and Twitter if you feel you got some value.

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