Great Blog ContentHow do the best bloggers create that great blog content that attracts their readers and pulls them back to their blog over and over again?

Here are some tips on how to create great blog content.

Riches in the Niches

You cannot be all things to all people in the world of blogging, unless you want to go broke.

For home business owners this is sometimes a difficult concept to grasp because it it opposite of what our company tells us. Most of the time they say “anyone can do this business”, which may be true. But in attraction marketing, you need to decide who you’re speaking to and serving to get the best results.

Are you speaking to stay at home moms? Dads?
Are you speaking to corporate executives who would love time freedom?
Are you trying to help millenials who graduated college, have debt and can’t find a job?
What about 40 something career women who are trying to lose weight and have crazy schedules and need a diet plan on the run?

Do you see how specific I got? That’s called finding “the riches in the niches”.  Here’s another great post on finding the niches.

The more specific you get about who you’re talking to (your target market/avatar), the more money you can potentially make by creating great blog content.

ILT Method

Once you find your target market, give them (not charge them) lots and lots of value. How do you do that?Ray Higdon
One really great technique is called ILT by my mentor and 7 figure blogger Ray Higdon.
ILT means
Invest = you go to a training and invest in yourself
Learn = you learn something from that training and even get a result
Teach = you take that new skill, training, result and TEACH it to others.
Your blog it is a perfect place to do this.
How many trainings have you been to lately? Even if it’s just one, go back through and find a few take aways and then create great blog content with those take aways. People LOVE the cliff notes version and that’s exactly what your post could be for them.

If you want to become a master at this extremely lucrative and effective technique, you can learn more about it Here

Create a Content Calendar

Great Blog ContentIf you have a blog, I’m sure you’ve sat down at your computer on the day you had planned to write a piece of content and just…drew a blank.  When you create a content calendar or maybe a theme for each day, this will help you plan your content for each day (or everyday you plan to write).  You can pick a day at the first of your week (Sun/Mon) and choose your topics for the whole week.

You might even think about a theme for each day, like Mindset Mondays, Tuesday Tips, Wealth Wednesday, Thriving Thursdays etc.

When I write in my content calendar, I use pencil just in case I attend a training or have a coaching call that produces some great blog content.  Then I have the freedom to change that day’s content to what I just experienced and get it out as soon as possible, when it’s fresh on my mind. I also use the voice memo in my smartphone if I’m in the car and get a great idea for a blog post.  Since I’m a verbal processor, ideas come to me AS I speak them 🙂

These are just a FEW tips on creating great blog content and there are many many more.  As you start this process, you’ll begin to think differently about everything you’re experiencing and learning in a whole new way.

It won’t just be an experience for that moment, it will turn into

“how can I bring value to others with what just happened?”  and

“what did I just learn from this?”

When you realize you have value to bring to your target market, ideas will start to flow and then it becomes really fun!!

Did you enjoy this post today?  If so, leave me a comment below and share with anyone who is thinking about starting a blog or who has one currently and needs to know how to create great blog content.

Happy Creating!

Elizabeth OlivaElizabeth




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