Consistently Writing Great Blog Content

When you’re blogging daily (like I have been lately), sometimes you may draw a blank when thinking of what to write about.

So how do you break this blogging “writers block”?

Here are some great tips for you.

Turn Your Notes into Great Blog Content

How many trainings, events, conference calls, and webinars have you attended lately?  Guess what?  All of those notes can be turned into great blog content.  One of my mentors, Ray Higdon talks about this all the time and trains on it in his course called The 3 Minute Expert.

More On the 3 Minute Expert Here

Those notes are just waiting to be turned into cold hard cash when you share them with others.  When you start to understand this “ILT” method (another term from Ray), you’ll never take in training the same way again.

You’ll start thinking “How can I teach to others what I’m learning right now?”

Break those notes down into tiny pieces of digestible information for your readers and you’ll hit a home run.

Coaching Calls and Conversations

There are times when I’m on a coaching call with a teammate and realize what we’re talking about and the advice I’m giving would make great blog content.  If I’m coaching on it, it’s an issue that others in network marketing might want the answer to, right?

Since I’m a verbal processor, I’ll even turn on the audio recorder on my Mac as I’m speaking so I can capture the content for later.

If you’re driving in your car, wait until you stop, hang up, then speak into your voice recorder on your smart phone so you won’t forget what was talked about.

If you want to go old school, take out a notepad and just write it down.  I’ve also used the notepad in my phone for this because ideas come to me at random times when I’m not in front of my computer.

If you try some of these tips, I promise you won’t EVER run out of great blog content to bring to your readers!

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