Should you buy work from home leads for your business?  It’s a great question. People in network marketing often wonder if they should buy these leads if they don’t have enough people to talk to.  I actually have some personal experience with this.

My Experience of Buying Work From Home Leads

When I first got started in my business, I did actually buy leads. I got really lucky right off the bat and found this super lady that entered my business. She and her team replaced my income and that was wonderful.

Since I had really good success there, I kept buying leads for a long time. I spent thousands of dollars on leads in the very beginning and I never found another superstar. The best thing that happened was I got really good at being on the phone…really, really good. Because I was talking to a ton of people I got over that fear, and got over the addiction to the outcome. I was making so many calls and having so many conversations, I didn’t have time to care.

But, if I had taken that same money that I spent on work from home leads, after finding my superstar, into learning what I’m learning now in attraction marketing, I would be so much further ahead. What I’m doing now is I’m learning how to generate leads myself with MY brand, instead of buying work-from-home leads.  I’ll be picking up the phone now and talking with people who are excited to talk to me and know who I am.

So this is my advice: If you’re new in your business and you want to get over your fear of the phone and get over the addiction to the outcome, buy a batch of leads. It’s the best thing you can do to “rip that Band-Aid off” and get on the phone and get over it. Once you do this, talking to your friends and family is so much easier now that you’ve talked to total strangers. Trust me.  Don’t stay there for a long time though. Buy a batch or two, make the calls, have the conversations and then move on to your warm market or meeting people out and about.  You could also learn attraction marketing like I’m doing right now.

Learn More About Attraction Marketing

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