3 Quick Tips to Turn More of Your Leads into Sales

Leads into Buying Customers with TextGenerating leads is great, but if they never turn into buying customers or distributors, you’ve completely wasted your time.

Here are 3 quick tips on how to turn more of your leads into buying customers.

But first, understand you MUST be willing to get on the phone, voice to voice, to have more leads turn into buyers.

Once you’ve decided to make a real connection by calling your leads, follow these tips:

1. Lose Your Agenda

Most of the time, especially with “newbie” home business owners, all we’re thinking about when we get on the phone with a lead or prospect is closing the sale, getting a new recruit, telling them how wonderful, super fantastic our company is.

We need to be thinking more about what’s in it for them.  That’s actually everyone’s favorite radio station, WIIFM 🙂

When you tune into this, you are on your way to creating lots of rapport and connection with your leads and are much more likely to convert them into sales.

2. Ask Them Curious Questions About Themselves

“The person asking the questions is the one winning.” ~~ this has been said many times in home business trainings because it really does work very well to help you turn your leads into buying customers.

You can ask your leads genuinely curious questions about themselves, like these:

“I saw you came to my page, what can I do for you?”

“How long have you been working your business?”

“What do you struggle with the most in your business?”

“Have you even been in the home business profession before or is this your first time looking at it?”

“If you were to get started, what would be the driving reason why you would want to?  What could this accomplish for you?”

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“How much income would you need this to create for it to be worth your time and effort?”

Need more help in this area?  Here’s a great article I wrote recently on prospecting your leads.



3. Direct Them to a Solution – Whether It’s Yours or Something Else

This is where you can shine and become very influential and valuable to your leads.

Once you’ve asked great questions and listened to the answer, you can provide a solution to them.

Sometimes they’re happy with their current company and just need training in different areas.  If this is the case, you can direct them to great resources for our profession, such as websites of leaders.

If you’re a part of the affiliate marketing world alongside your home business, you have lots of options available to help them, whether they join your company or not.  I am involved in a few and one of my favorites is MLSP, where top leaders in our profession have come together to teach others how to go online successfully with their businesses.

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Here’s to more of your leads becoming buyers,

Elizabeth OlivaElizabeth





P.S.:  If you’re curious, you can check out MLSP here and see how I am currently using this platform to generate more leads myself online. (and get to see my buddy Justice fire his boss…)