Keeping Your Business Hot

Ooh, it’s getting cold here in Texas! If you’re in North Dakota or Minnesota, you’re going to laugh at me when I say it’s maybe 40 degrees or 30 degrees, but it’s cold for us.  If it is getting cold where you are, you’re not alone. A lot of people it’s really chilly and they’re warming up, they’re getting by the fire, they’re getting by the heater. They’re putting on their coats, and it’s getting really, really cold.

Your weather may be cold but how do you keep your marketing efforts hot during the winter?

What should you be doing to keep your momentum and the “fires” for your income burning?

This is the time that a lot of people will slow down, they will put on the brakes and they’ll say,

“Oh, it’s the holidays. People aren’t spending that much money. They don’t want to buy anything, or they don’t want to join a business right now.”

Look all around you, I want you to think about this: No retail store is stopping right now.

What are they doing? They’re putting on the gas!

They are actually promoting, promoting, promoting, to you non-stop, right now, aren’t they?

Every day, every minute they’re talking about Black Friday, after Christmas sale, New Year’s Day sale, blah blah blah….

All these things are going on. You know why they’re doing that?

They know that people are in a buying mood.

Make sure that you are also ready for their buying mood. How do you do that? There are 3 things you can do right now.

Continue Your Lead Generation in Your Business

This may be talking to people out and about or maybe meeting new people online. It could be marketing methods too.

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There’s active prospecting (offline and online) and then there’s passive marketing (what I’m doing right now). If you are actively prospecting, don’t stop during the holidays. Now is a great time because people actually are slowing down from their jobs. They might be taking time off, they might have a few days, and they actually might be more willing to sit down and talk.  If you’re passively marketing, keep being consistent.

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Have an Offer to Promote with Your Business

If you’re in a home business, you’ve got an offer to promote…your business!

If you are in a business but you also are with a system like MLSP, we have tons of offers so the key here is to pick one.

Pick one offer that you’re going to promote through the holidays. Don’t try to do everything. Don’t be a jack of all trades. Pick one thing and be consistent with it, and offer some bonuses with that offer.

If you’re thinking, “I’m new. I don’t have anything to offer,” you know what? You do. You have yourself, first of all 🙂

You know more than the people that started after you so you have something you can offer them. You’re a few steps ahead and can teach them what you know.

You could offer an hour of coaching to someone who is looking at your offer.

You could offer a free training that you could give.

You could offer a webinar.

Get creative here, because you don’t have to be a billion dollar earner to give somebody a bonus. You can give them a bonus right away.

Prepare For The Springtime in Your Business

Make sure you are planting the seeds.

Don’t just “get ready to get ready.” That’s not what I’m talking about.

I don’t mean prepare to prepare.

I don’t mean keep training and analyzing and studying.

Start doing what the leaders are doing. Watch what they’re doing right now in their business.

The people that are real professionals in our business are working right now; and they’re working hard.

They’re putting their head down.

They are putting the blinders on, and they are working harder than they would any other time, because they know … What did I say in the beginning?

People are in a buying mood. They are spending their money on something, with someone. Is it with you? That’s the key.

Leaders realize that the more that they are in front of people right now, the more those people are going to remember them, and even if they’re not ready to convert, or buy, or join right now, or today, guess what?

January 1st is coming, and people are going to be in even more of a mood to make a change in their lives.

That’s when they might actually decide to join your business, when their timing is right.

They might decide to become a part of something with you like MLSP, to further their business, and build it better.

If you remember these 3 things, you’re going to be a 100% ahead of 90% of people in our profession, if you work now.

I hope you guys enjoyed these tips. If you do, give me a shout out, leave me a comment, let me know your feedback, and share on Facebook.

Keep building and keep your business hot during the winter!

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