Do you consider yourself a leader in your home business?

Are you looking for other leaders to join your business?
Make sure you have these 2 top leadership traits and you are looking for them in your prospects.

1. Personal Responsibility – Taking Ownership

When I started in my business, my sponsor brought me in and was gone in about 90 days.

I had a choice:

1) I could quit because I didn’t have someone to “follow” right in front of me, or,
2) take full responsibility for my business and keep going.

Over 8 years later, I’m still here, with a strong residual income and growing team because I knew that her actions had nothing to do with my success. I could make my own choices for my own future….which I did.

Listen for Leadership Traits

If you’re prospecting someone and you hear things like “so what all will you be doing for me?” or “I was in another company and I just didn’t get enough support or training”.

You want to listen closely to determine if you have someone who, once they get started, will be constantly waiting on you to take action, or expecting you to do their work for them.

If so, you might want to tell them it’s not a fit for them. I know that sounds harsh, but I’ve been on the other side, many times, and it’s not fun.

Here’s a great article on more top leadership traits.

Set Expectations

You’ve got to set the expectations from the beginning.

Let them know you will run when they run,

you will walk when they walk,

but you will never sit on the bench.

They will have all the tools and training available via their back office, Facebook group, webinars, etc. It will be THEIR job to contact their prospects, plug in, and learn their new business.

I’ve heard of some leaders who call their team every day, asking “who do you have for me to talk to?” I personally don’t want dependent reps, I want independent, meaning they have taken ownership and are taking action.  Those that call me back are the ones I am working with.

That’s a leader who is demonstrating a top leadership trait, and that’s who you want to enroll into your business.


2. Servant Leadership – Put Others Needs Above Your Own

This 2nd leadership trait is so important!

It’s not about you….ever…in this kind of business.

The more we help others, the more we really do help ourselves because of the way our home business model works.

This recent article of mine talks about the dangers of wanting to be the only leader in your business…worth a read 🙂

I cannot be successful unless I help a whole lot of others be successful. I absolutely love that, because it’s opposite of the corporate world and everybody wins.

Since I came from the corporate world, I didn’t understand this at first. I had several years in sales and it was all about getting the sale.

I struggled until I realized how to talk to my prospects and find out why they might want to start their business.

“What motivates, motivates” was said by one of my first mentors, Dani Johnson and it’s so true.

With their reason, I was then able to lead them into my opportunity and guide them to whatever level of success they were looking for on their journey.

Not my success….THEIRS.

The world’s leading expert in leadership,  John C. Maxwell, says it like this:

“People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

So do you have these top leadership traits?

If not, you can always grow and develop into a very successful leader in your home business and it can start…today!

To the Top Leader in You,

Elizabeth OlivaElizabeth




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