How do you feel about failure? As an entrepreneur, do you embrace failure? This morning on the MyLeadSystemPro Wake-up Call with Mark Harbert, he talked about failure and how as entrepreneurs we need to embrace it. He outlined 4 reasons why.

Embrace Failure to Kick You Out of the Job Mentality

In corporate America, we’re taught to perform and NOT fail. Failure could mean getting fired, right? So, we were conditioned, early on, to perform and do it right and be perfect and never fail. This is exactly opposite of what an entrepreneur needs to do, so embracing failure allows the employee to get rid of the job mentality they might have. Failure is an entrepreneur’s best friend.

Embrace Failure to Learn Resourcefulness

As an entrepreneur when we tend to back ourselves into a corner, we figure it out. That’s just basic human nature.  And that could mean failing our way out out of that corner.  When you do this, you will always learn something.

Get Uncomfortable To Get Better

When you’re learning something new, it disturbs your mental peace and may “upset the apple cart”.  You may get uncomfortable as you try something and fail.  The question is are you going to quit?  or learn from the failure and get better?  That’s what successful entrepreneurs do.

I see it all the time in network marketing where I’ll have a new person get started, and then a week down the road, they disappear.

  • They go MIA
  • Radio-silent.
  • I can’t get ahold of them. What’s happened?

Most of the time, they tried something, failed and they’ve quit. They don’t know how or may not have the desire to pick themselves back up again. They don’t want to make a call to get coaching and they just quit, leaving their dreams and goals to never be fulfilled unfortunately.  They didn’t realize that they needed to embrace failure, learn, and get back up and go at it again.

Embrace Failure to Know What NOT To Do Again

Without failure, we won’t know what not to do again.  The failure still gives you results. You can take those results and figure out what to do more of and what to do less of.  Years ago, every time I had a failure in my traditional business, especially concerning money, I never made the same mistake twice.  As an entrepreneur, I wanted to embrace failure, because I realized it’s part of the process. As a marketer you can become phenomenal because you’ll learn what you need to do and what you don’t need to do again.

I hope you feel better about failure after this little post. Get excited, knowing that many failures will turn into explosive successes in your business!!

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