Can you convert someone from an employee to entrepreneur mindset?  There are people who go to a job everyday, dreaming of another way. They have a glimmer of hope and they say to themselves “I want something more than just a paycheck and building someone else’s dream. There’s got to be another way.” But unfortunately, most people don’t and this was really hard for me to understand when I first got started.

I thought everyone was like me, that everyone would want freedom. I really believed the majority of people would want to be an entrepreneur in the home business profession.  In reality, a lot of people are just fine where they are. As I would invite people to take a look at my opportunity, I found that out.

Employee to Entrepreneur Requires Change

Becoming an entrepreneur requires change and most don’t want to change because it can be uncomfortable. They might have to learn something new. They may have to grow and develop and they might not fit in with their current friends which can be a little scary.  They’re absolutely, perfectly happy going to work 8-5, living for the weekend, getting home, watching football, watching movies, crashing out and then dreading Monday morning. And they’ll do that year after year after year.

I was on a 3-way call this morning with a lady who is working her job part time. She has 3 children, one of them has special needs and she had watched our presentation. She said it made sense but, “I really like my schedule, I get to go to work, then go pick up my kids. It’s flexible, and they work with me,” and I said, “What I’m hearing from you is you’re good where you are. You have no need for anything else,” and she goes, “Well, not really, I’m okay.”  There are some people who really are okay working their job. They are quite fine with making the exact amount of money that they make every year, maybe getting a 1 or 2% raise. That was so difficult for me because I’m completely opposite but I had to come to understand there are some people like that.

Benefits of Converting From Employee to Entrepreneur

How To Help If They Want to Go From Employee to Entrepreneur

If you find that person that has the glimmer of hope but they just don’t know the way, there are some ways you can help them. You can point them to 3rd party validation or tools.

Rise of the Entrepreneur – excellent DVD that Eric Worre created, interviewing leaders in and some not in, network marketing, talking about why this is the age of the entrepreneur.  If you have someone that is curious about being an entrepreneur especially in the home business industry, in our profession, they need to get this DVD.

Think and Grow Rich – you guys know I love this book. This is going to start to expand their mind. They’re going to realize that they can be, do and have more.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – by Robert Kiyosaki, is one of the best entry level books for someone to start to grasp the idea of the difference of an employee to entrepreneur. In this book Robert Kiyosaki tells the story of his “two” dads and how they impacted his life and helped him decide to become an entrepreneur and why.

Cash Flow Quadrant – also by Robert Kiyosaki, this book explains where everybody is in life with their earning power. Everyone is in one of these 4 quadrants and he explains how they can get to the different quadrant if they want to.

If you have someone who is curious and wants to know more about going from employee to entrepreneur, point them to some tools and let them see if it might be for them. After some exploring, they might be more open to working with you in your business. You might actually be able to convert them from employee to entrepreneur. But just remember, probably 98% of the people out there are not like you. You are looking for the top 2% of the people that want more and they’re willing to do something about it now.  I even have an affirmation that says,

“I am so happy and grateful that I attract money motivated leaders into my business that are coachable team players that love helping others with personal development and love helping others with their financial freedom.” 

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