Why People Wait to Talk to Their Warm Market

Every home business I know tells you to start the same way:  make a list of ALLL the people you know and introduce your business to them.  This warm market prospecting really is the fastest, cheapest way to start your business, but some people wait.Warm Market Prospecting

Here Are 3 Reasons Why:

1. They Think They Need Big Results First

How many of you got the question when inviting your warm market: “so what have YOU made so far?”

Ugh right?

You want to say “I just got started and I need YOU to help me make money!”

Then you’re thinking you should wait until you get really great results before you approach anyone else and get the same response.


It’s really not about your results, it’s about the message.

If you’ve gotten ONE check, you have a result.

If you’ve made ONE call, you have a result.

True entrepreneurs didn’t wait to talk to their investors until they had “made it”, they talked to them about a dream, a vision.

They painted a picture so that they WOULD invest.

You’re painting a picture of opportunity. It may or may not be for the prospect, but it’s not about what you’ve already done, it’s about what is possible since everyone’s results are different.

2. Pride or Not Asking for Help From Your Warm Market

I had a lot of pride and ego in this area when I first began and it cost me lots of money and time…get over it NOW!

If you think someone on your list really wouldn’t be interested in your business, “go around” them and ask for referrals or ask them to try the service or product.

A great way sounds like this: “Hey I know this business is entirely not for you, but I think you’d enjoy the service/product.  Would you be willing to give it a try, just on a trial basis?  You could help me by giving me some great honest feedback.”

For more scripts on asking your warm market for referrals, check out one of my recent posts.

3. They Think They Have to Know All the Answers to All the Questions Before They Open Their Mouth at All

Newsflash:  this isn’t a sales job, it’s about duplication in our kind of business.

There’s a great saying: “the less you say, the more you make”

It’s really true.

You should always be using a tool to do your talking.  Why?

Because EVERYONE can do it and that’s what you want 🙂

Need more tips on talking to your warm market?

Here’s a great article on Five Rules to Follow When Prospecting Your Warm Market.

Now 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait

1. It’s Selfish

You don’t know if that person really needs this right now or not.

It’s not up to you to determine that by withholding your invite. Let them have the opportunity to tell you no and realize again….it’s NOT about you 🙂

2. Someone Else Will Talk to Them If You Don’t

You may not think this yet, but sooner or later, most of the people you know WILL be joining a home business.  I’ve seen it WAAAYY too many times!

I’ve had this sick, throw up feeling of seeing a superstar on someone else’s team that could’ve been mine….if I had only talked to them…ouch!

In this case, that person helped my friend and his wife promote to the next level….the one I’ve been working on for 7 years 🙁

3. Why Are You Holding Out on Your Friends?

If they’ve known you a long time and you are holding out, they might actually get mad at you for NOT telling them sooner.

I have a very successful team member in my company who is also very successful in his medical equipment sales job.  He’s been working his home business for 4 years now and just went on a company trip.

The company is facing a merger and his very successful, high 6 figure co-workers were worried about their jobs, not having a “plan B” in place.  When he finally shared what he had been doing, a 6 figure earner was pretty upset because he didn’t share when he got started what he was doing.

Now with the company’s future uncertain so is his income and he could’ve been working on an exit plan all along.

It’s not up to you to assume they may not want to hear.

Your the messenger, NOT the message.  Always remember that!

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Here’s to more success in your warm market prospecting!!!

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