How could one positive affirmation change your life?  It’s all in how you view things, in just eight words.

I recently heard this affirmation on a call with the co-founder of MyLeadSystemPro.  Don’t know what that is?

You Can Check It Out Here

He had just gotten back from 8 days with Tony Robbins at his transformational event called Date With Destiny.  I’ve been fortunate enough to be at Tony’s event called Unleash the Power Within over a long weekend and that was pretty amazing, so I’m sure 8 days would blow my mind!

At DWD, Brian Fanale heard the affirmation I talk about in the video below:



So what do you think?  Will you start saying this affirmation to yourself daily?  I’ve started and it’s already making a difference in how I view EVERYTHING.

I encourage you to try it on, see how it can change everything for you too. 🙂

Life is Happening FOR me, not TO me.

More Mindset Tips from Tony Robbins

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