How Do You Handle Struggles in Your Life?

How do you handle your circumstances?

Do they change the way you feel?

When things happen to you and you struggle, do your circumstances determine how you feel?

Do you just float around from thing to thing struggle to struggle and let everything dictate your life…or do you dictate how you feel?

I was recently in Vegas with Tony Robbins and a bunch of other amazing speakers at Go Pro Recruiting Mastery with Eric Worre. I’ve been talking a lot here on the blog about what we learned out there.

We had Tony for three hours. Last year about this time, about 13 months ago, I was with Tony for a whole weekend, along with about 6000 people in Dallas.

His event is Unleash the Power Within, a full immersion, live, transformational experience. It’s an amazing event, IF you are ready to really change where you are.  He may not be doing them much longer so check out the link above if you’re interested…it’s the best event for changing your life I’ve ever been to.

For three hours in Vegas, we got a tiny little bit of that seminar. One thing he says a lot if you’ve ever heard him speak, he says,

“Nothing in life has meaning except the meaning that we give it.”

Think about that as you go through your daily life. You think about your past and pivotal moments that you can remember. Did they seem to change everything? If it was something that was negative that happened to you, did you let that dictate the rest of your day, the rest of your month, maybe years?

I’ve seen people let things like that happen to them and then they let it dictate how they feel and their actions for years to come.

Here’s a really old post I did about taking control back from your struggles.

Every one of us has a choice. We have a choice of what meaning we give struggles in life.

For instance, right after I got  my new car (love it by the way),  I had a little fender bender, someone t-boned me on my side. I wasn’t hurt and it wasn’t that big of a wreck, but it crunched my fender, so much so that the whole thing had to be replaced.
I could have gotten upset saying, “Oh my gosh, I just got this car and I got in a wreck. It’s terrible.” It really wasn’t because I got a whole new bumper.

Then, when I was picking it up at the place where it got fixed, they messed up the back bumper too. It had a little scrape that happened right after I got it. Somebody hit me in the parking lot and I joked around with these people at the repair place and I said, “Hey it would be awesome while you’re fixing that little thing, you could just fix the other thing that I messed up.”

The actually did it, and replaced the whole bumper!  I had a new front bumper and a new back bumper.

That would not have happened if I had not been hit in my car in the first place.

I could have thought of that situation  “This is terrible. I got my car hit right after I bought it. This is awful,”

or think about it in a different way.

I got two new bumpers on my car. That’s how I choose to think about something that could have been negative in my life.

I think about paying off debt. Yes I had debt and then I had to pay it off. But guess what? I learned a whole lot of lessons in that process.

That happened to me for a reason. All the struggles do. You get to choose how you look at it. The meaning that you give it.

You can give your struggles a big old hairy meaning that’s going to change everything for the worse OR

you can decide that those struggles were put there to teach you something to make you grow and become a better person, be positive about it and say,

“What did I learn from this? What is this struggle giving me the opportunity to learn?”

So when struggles or difficult circumstances come, remember: Nothing in life has meaning except the meaning we give it.

Decide to give things a positive meaning, a positive spin in your life and it’s going to change everything for you.

It’s going to change your outlook, your actions, your life.

I hope you enjoyed this Monday Mindset tip. If you did, let me know. Give me a comment below and share.

I’ve got more great stuff coming out for you…

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