What do you do when life comes at you fast?

The other morning, I was having a wonderful start to my day, praying, reading, journaling, etc.  I was so happy that I was starting the New Year the way I had intended to for 2014!  Yea!!

Then suddenly my phone rang and I CHOSE to answer it.  It was my sister, in a panic about getting some things done, needing my help and seeming extremely stressed.  I think I told her 3 times to calm down; all the while she was raising MY anxiety level.  I hung up and realized I was now stressed, full of anxiety like the world was falling apart and definitely NOT in the same place of mind I was before the call.  I received another stressing call right after that, a consultant who would NOT listen to my coaching, not listen to really anything I was saying and I became very frustrated!!

After the second call, I took a deep breath and analyzed what the heck just happened?!

By choosing to answer the phone, I chose to take my day off track, off the track I had intended and wanted to take.  Why?  I think we all have a knee-jerk reaction to answering that little device that is attached to our hand whenever it rings instead of letting it go to that wonderful invention called voicemail (remember that thing? Yes, you still have it).

Then, by choice, I let HER mood, issues, anxiety, WHATEVER, creep in and affect me.  Then all of a sudden, I’m doing damage control to get my day back on track and free from distractions so I can actually be productive.

So…How do you stop that from happening?

What do you do if you really DO need to take that call and it’s not positive?

In our profession of network marketing, it is absolutely CRITICAL to guard your mind and it can be a full time job with all that’s out there, competing for your attention, just itching to drive you to distraction…media, negative people around you, etc.  Those insidious little distractions can destroy your dreams if you let them!

So here are a couple of tips I’ve learned along the way that might help you as they’ve helped me:

Keep your phone on silent

Turn the ringer OFF when you go to bed at night and into the morning when you’re setting your day up for success.  You might even think about keeping it on silent ALL THE TIME…gasp!Surprised  YOU can choose when you are able to be reached on that little ball and chain called a cell phone!

To do what we do, you must master your time and this is one small (but really huge) way to do that.  Tell your team what hours you can be reached and make sure you allow yourself quiet, mind altering times in your day when you CANNOT be reached.  This doesn’t have to be long stretches of time, just maybe a half hour to an hour.  You can’t pour into others what you don’t have and if you don’t set aside time to be poured into, you can’t pour into others effectively.

Make your mind and spirit an impenetrable fortress  

Have you ever heard the saying “Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part”?  You can also insert “Lack of well-being on your part does not constitute anxiety on my part”.  When those around you start to spew negativity, stress and angst, remember this:  their issues are NOT your issues and can have NO power over you unless you let them, so just DON’T.  Know this: It will happen, whether it’s a relative, friend, business partner or customer, you will get spewed on and be faced with how to react so BE READY and BE AWARE.   Be aware when it’s happening so you can flip the switch.  The faster you flip, the sooner you can recover.  Be ready to bring your mind back to that centered place by telling yourself very positive statements like:

Designed pic with highway 14jan14

 Or I am changing lives every day and I love what I do!   (notice ALL words are positive)

You can also have positive quotes handy in your cell phone to refer to in your notes section.  It’s happened to me, out and about, where I needed to read something very positive on the go and didn’t have time to surf the net for the right quotes.  If they’re already in your phone, it’s easy Smile

Like a duck, let it roll off your back, trust that they will work out their issues and go back to the marvelous start of your very productive rock star day Cool.  If it’s in the evening, make sure you “bookend” your day as Darren Hardy suggests, Put the headphones on and feed your subconscious with the books or audios that set up your subconscious all night to receive positive words and thoughts even as you sleep.

What we do in this profession is life changing and so so important.  I believe in it with all my heart, that we, as network marketing professionals, can change the world.  Guard your minds, your hearts and have an insatiable appetite for personal and leadership growth.  When you do this, the person you will become, the lives you impact, will blow your mind one day Smile

And as Eric Worre says:

GoPro pic with Joseph and Justin dec2013

Now let’s go tell the world!!

Have a great week!


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