So have you ever wondered why a 3 way call may not have gone so well?

Could be that you’ve missed some of these killer tactics in your conversation.

When I started my network marketing business, I was horrible at this!  I didn’t know how to communicate and connect effectively with the prospect in person, or on the phone.  After honing my skills (always still working on this), this is some of the feedback that I receive:

“Omgosh that was amazing!  You turned that skeptical prospect into a possible YES, thank you so much!”

“Wow, I never thought they would even be interested until you asked them THAT question.”

“Before we got you on the phone, they had no questions, then you somehow opened them up and…BAMM!!”

“Because of your 3 way call, I now have a new team member, thanks so much!”  (that’s my favorite–results baby!!)

With lots of training and IMPLEMENTING this training, I got better…lots better.

I’m happy to share some of the tips and strategies that I use daily:


As soon as your team member puts you on the phone, be ready with positive energy and confidence, not arrogance.  Your energy and belief level can be contagious so make it powerful.

Make sure YOUR mind is in the right place as soon as you say your very first words to that prospect.  HOW you ask your questions, your tonality that is, can make ALL the difference.  You want to have a genuine curiosity about this person, finding out what you can that motivates them because what motivates…motivates.


“The one asking the questions is the one winning.”  Ever heard that before?  Well, it’s never more true than in a great 3 way call.

Ask them about themselves — Your team member should do an introduction, edifying you and telling you something about this prospect and edifying them.  Usually it’s how they know them, what they do for a living, where they live, etc.  Have a notepad handy and take notes on this info, because you’re about to use it to find some common ground.

I usually play off of this info, asking something like:

“So Mary tells me your in the military, what branch?  My husband and I were in the USAF for a few years.  How long have you served?  Thanks for your service by the way!”  This usually gets them talking a little bit, then they forget that they thought I was the “closer”—:)

Here’s another good one: “So how long have you lived in____?”  “What part of town are you in?” (if you are in the same city, see if you are close to each other and know some of the same places.)

If they mention children: “So how many children to you have?  And what ages are they?  There all in sports? Wow! you are busy 🙂

All of the above are designed to lower their barriers of resistance, build rapport and help you connect as fast as possible. It helps the prospect realize that you and your rep are REAL people that care FIRST about them.  People don’t care how much you know, they only want to know how much you care.

Your company may be the best, fastest growing, super galactic-on-steroids network marketing company that has ever hit the planet, with all kinds of awards and credibility but NONE of that matters more than WHAT YOUR PROSPECT WANTS.  The best way to find out what they want…is to ask.  Not directly of course, but you need to find out what they liked in your presentation and what it could do for them.  A few great questions to ask are:

“So what did you like best about what you saw in the video?” — if they answer with what they DIDN’T like, ask the question again 🙂

“If you were to partner with us, why would you?” — this is a very interview-style question, but really good to help them dig a little deeper into their WHY and realize that you are NOT a salesperson just looking for a number.  You’re looking to see if they will be a good fit for the team.

“Do you see an opportunity for yourself here? — you may believe they would be perfect for this, but do they?

“What would the additional income do for you? — making “extra money” is not a good enough answer for me, I need to know what they would DO with it.  If they don’t know, then I don’t think I have a valid prospect necessarily…yet 🙂


You’re not only listening for the words they are saying, you’re listening for their ATTITUDE.  Ask yourself (in your head) “who do I have in front of me?”  What’s THEIR tonality?  Upbeat?  Energetic?  Reserved?  Engaged?  Or apathetic?

Understanding personality types is very critical here.  I’ve been trained by the best: Tom Challan, Dani Johnson, Ray Higdon, Cesar Rodriguez and Eric Worre to name a few in this area.  The more you learn about personalities, the faster you can identify by what you’re hearing on the other end of the phone, as to what personality type this prospect is.  Knowing this will help you “mirror and match” the prospect, making them feel more at ease with you.


Most prospects are not ready to pull the trigger after one exposure, so don’t force it.  Your job as a great 3 way call partner is to “move the ball down the field” to the next exposure.  Each call is different and listening and asking great questions is where you’ll know WHICH exposure is most appropriate.  Just make sure it’s as soon as possible–not a month from now.  You need to help your new team member create urgency and excitement to help this prospect make a decision sooner, rather than later.  Use the current promotion or upcoming event (which could be your local meeting the next night) to nudge them into action.

Ultimately, timing is everything for most prospects so you want to get a good idea of what their timing is.


The underlying conversation of a great 3 way call is that your prospect is in the middle of your system, someone else is answering questions and it shows them they will have support when they start.  Most prospects are asking a few questions:

Is is simple?

Can I do it?

Will I have support when I do?

How soon will I make my money back?


As a 3 way call partner, do you know how to show that prospect, in very simple terms, how they’ll get their money back?  You MUST know how to do this, because this is one of the biggest questions they will have, whether they say it or not.  Always offer to show them in a couple of steps how.

My favorite way is to have THEM draw it out as I instruct them what to write—active participation.

Then I ask them: “Did that make sense to you?”  ” Can you do that?”  If the answer is yes, say “Welcome to the team!”

With lots of practice, anyone can get absolutely awesome at great 3 way calls.  The best way to practice is to…do more of them!

I get called on by team members all over my company to do 3 way calls and I try to accept EVERY SINGLE ONE.  Why?  It’s like Forrest Gump says about chocolates:

“You never know what you’re gonna get”.

The more unique conversations you have with prospects, the better you’ll get…so bring ’em ON!!

Was this post helpful?  Let me know below, leave me a comment or tell me about some of YOUR 3 way calls and how they went…would love to hear!

Your 3 way call expert,

Elizabeth Oliva

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