The Unsupportive Spouse or Partner

Do you have an unsupportive spouse/partner right now as you are trying to work your network marketing business?

Do you know someone on your team who has an unsupportive spouse or partner?

I have some answers for you on how to change that situation. If you have an unsupportive spouse, I get it because I was there when I began my business.

I began with no full time job and with my back against the wall.

I had bills coming in, and I thought “I can just boot strap this thing. I can just make it work.”  Just like a true entrepreneur.

Well, I didn’t understand how this business really worked. Throughout the very first couple of years, my husband wasn’t that supportive.

He saw me working really, really hard and not a lot happening.

Also, I was uncoachable. I was one of those people who thought, I got this. I can do this my way. I don’t need any help. I was struggling and fighting myself half the time.

If you have someone like that, take heart, you can help them.  How?


If you have an unsupportive spouse/partner, the first thing you got to get right is, are you in this thing?

Are you really committed?

Do you really believe that you can make this work?

If you say, “Yes.” Then, you can change the situation.

Here is a great article on getting clear with your vision, to help you be more committed.


The only thing that really matters to an unsupportive spouse or partner … is results.

To an unsupportive spouse or partner, results usually translate into money.

Have you made any in your business so far?

If you were like me and you don’t have a job and you need to pay bills, go get a job.

I know it’s a little humbling, but the look at the upsides:

You’re going to be more duplicable if you go get a job.

Other people are going to look at you and say, “Hey, I can do this, too, alongside my current situation.”

You are going to be able to pay the bills.

You’re going to be able to get that pressure off of you and your spouse.

Issues with money is one of the number one things that can break relationships up. I can totally understand how an unsupportive spouse or partner is looking at your business going, “This is not working.” They resent it. They resent the time you spend doing it. All of the effort you put into it and they don’t see hardly any money coming out.

You’ve got to decide, it’s time to get some results. Make sure that you ready to do that.

Show The Love

The other thing that you need to do is give time to your unsupportive spouse or partner. Carve out some time to spend with them.

Without the phone.

Without the business.

Maybe a date night or a date day. A lunch on the weekend, something where its just you and them. One on one time and nobody else.

If they are resenting the time that you are spending away from them, working your business, that usually contributes to them being unsupportive.
While you’re working on your results, give them some time.

Let them know they are still important in your life.

So draw a line in the sand and say, “This is it.”

Here we are towards the end of the year. It’s time to make some changes!

I’m doing the same thing for myself.

You guys may be seeing more videos and more blog posts than you ever have from me. That’s because I made a commitment that I’m taking my business to the next level.
I’m going further, faster and making things happen.

You can do that for yourself. Reach out to your team, your upline and ask for help.

If you’re not getting the results that you need, go find people who are and ask them for coaching or pay for coaching. It may be time to invest in yourself.

Get some accountability and start changing your results today!

It’s priceless when you get results because you now have success.

And success brings MORE SUCCESS into your life 🙂

I’m doing the same thing here. I’ll be in a coaching program for the next 60 days, which will fit right along side my goals of getting more results.

I’ll be sharing how it’s going with all of you, if that’s alright.

Did you like this post?  Are dealing with an unsupportive spouse or partner right now?

If so, reach out to me, I’ve been there and I have coached a lot of people on my team about this, too.

Do you know anyone who is dealing with this?  Feel free to share this post with them too.

Let’s go get some results and show the world what we’re made of,

Elizabeth OlivaEliz




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