Are you trying to get more followers on Instagram and Twitter?  In this post I have a quick tutorial on the best app right now to do this.

I even include a few tricks to help you be more consistent and gain more targeted followers.

With this app, you can:

Follow people

Unfollow people who are not following you back

Schedule posts for both Instagram and Twitter (Instagram works a different way, which I explain)

Automate direct messages on Twitter

Even copy followers of someone (maybe a competitor) in your niche



So was that helpful?

Here are the links to download it: DOWNLOAD CROWDFIRE HERE

Download the Crowdfire Extension for Chrome HERE

I’ve really been enjoying this app and building my Instagram and Twitter followers so let me know if you have success as well.

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Feel free to leave me a comment below on how else you’re using the Crowdfire app and share around on Facebook and Twitter!

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