Happy Independence Day!

Hope you’re going to be out and about, seeing friends, family and maybe even meeting new people.

So how do you maximize this time and prospect the right way on a holiday like today?

I have a double bonus for you today on this subject, I did a video AND a call this morning, so enjoy :



Was that helpful?  What to do and what NOT to do?

There’s more detailed training in this audio, about 18 minutes, where I go into how to become a “people magnet” with some crazy good rapport-building skills.  I was really awful at this when I began, so it’s a skill that is “near and dear” to my heart!

Did you take some good notes?  Now go out, build great rapport with your prospecting this holiday where people are calling YOU back to join your team!

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Enjoy this day, celebrating our wonderful independence in the land of the free, home of the brave 🙂

Your Freedom Fighter,

Eliz Oliva