Are you excited to hit your goals this year?  Most people start out in January with lots of excitement, anticipation and hope, confidently marching into the new year with a renewed sense of purpose and determination.

But if you’re doing this one thing, you are pretty much guaranteeing how NOT to hit your goals this year.

This Activity Will Help You NOT Hit Your Goals

What is this ONE thing?

I share in the video below:

Did that make sense?

To Hit Your Goals This Year, Do This

You get what you focus on and if you’re focused on what you don’t have, haven’t done, or are worried about the future, that’s what you will get.  Instead, keep a higher energy of gratitude for a LONGER period of time.  How do you do that?

Make sure you celebrate even the tiniest successes along the way to your goals.  As you focus on these successes, you’ll want to create more, which helps you keep going to hit your goals.  It’s better to have many celebrations of intermediate goals along the way than one big let down because you only planned to celebrate the BIG, ultimate goal at the end.

More Tips on Mindset

Crafting a Better Vision

Keep a gratitude journal and only allow yourself to write gratitude statements and affirmations, no negative.  Work on writing in this journal daily and especially if you’re having a difficult day and your mind is trying to focus on the negative.  Take a moment, go to your journal and immediately write down 10 things or people you are grateful for.  Your mind will shift to the positive…trust me!

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