Are you or anyone you know really really shy?  Even painfully shy?  And you’re wondering how you can build a home business?

I had this question come over a text message last week and thought the answer would make a great article and Periscope (don’t know what Periscope is? keep reading…and watching):

“Hey Elizabeth, I have a new team member who is a little shy.  Do you have any prospecting tips I can give her on working her business around this limitation?”

So I took this and went a step further, remembering a friend of mine I met while training with Dani Johnson, Meggan Larson.  Now when I met Meggan, she wasn’t very outgoing but was able to completely transform herself into a very successful business woman.  If you met her today, you wouldn’t believe how she used to be.  How did she do it?  How did she get over her shyness?  She followed some simple prospecting tips that I outline in my Periscope video below:

So were those prospecting tips helpful?  Were you a little surprised at the first one?

Do you know anyone like Meggan who is painfully shy and thinks this is hindering their success in their home business?

If so, share this article and help them out!

Here’s to breaking out of YOUR shell and discovering your greatness!

Elizabeth OlivaElizabeth




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