Prospecting During the Holidays?


This is the time of year when people are out and about more than ever, so I’m going to give you some quick tips on how to connect with more people faster as you’re out and about shopping for the holiday season.

I See People…People Everywhere Holiday Shopping!

It is the holidays. There are more people out and about. More than ever.

There are people shopping, some who never get out until now.  Then, there are people working in retail that are taking on a part time job doing this.

How do you connect with these people fast?

Make Sure You Have Your Cellphone While Holiday Shopping (as if you wouldn’t haha)

Check Out Line Tip

That person behind the counter could be a great prospect but you don’t have time to give them a full presentation in line do you?

This is the time to watch and listen.

Look at the person checking you out of the store and ask them how they’re doing. They may have been having a crazy day.

Then let them answer and LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN and OBSERVE.

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Observe body language, attitude, everything.  Is this someone you want to work with long term?

I used to have a business in retail and yes, it was a crazy time. People were in a huge rush to get done with their holiday shopping and get back to their families.

So this is not the time to start throwing up about your business, your product or things that you have.

If they seem like a great prospect, and you identify a need, you can say

“Hey, I’d really love to tell you about what I’m doing because we’re expanding right now and I’m looking for people like you, so what’s your number?”

You always have your phone with you. Have it ready to where you can actually type in a phone number.

Type it in really quick, get their name as you’re checking out and say,

“Listen, I’ll connect with you later. I know you’re super busy, you have a ton of people to check out here and I need to run. Looking forward to talking to you then. Bye.”

That’s a very very easy way to connect with people that you’re going to be in front of for just a minute or two.

Other People Holiday Shopping

If you’re in the stores, there are tons and tons of people in the store holiday shopping like you are.

You can comment or compliment someone on something that they’re buying, or something that they’re doing. Start a conversation. Get to know them a little bit, using FORM (Family/From, Occupation, Recreation, Message).  Again, they’re in a hurry but you can reach out and say something really simple.

After FORMing them, just throw it out there and say,

“Listen, you seem like the kind of person that I would love to work with. Are you open to a side project? Because my company is expanding”

If they say yes, say,

“Listen, here’s my phone, I’m going to take down your number really quick and we can connect later after the holidays or maybe on a day off during the holidays.”

Always make it quick. Get their information and then be on your way.

“Bounce”, as Cesar Rodriguez says.

“Be in a hurry”, as Eric Worre says.

“Break in Communication”, as Ray Higdon says.

All of those work. You want to be busy and you want to be on your way to somewhere else, always.

Did these holiday shopping tips help you? I hope they make your holidays more profitable for your business as you’re out and about.

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