I’ve got a great MLM Tip for you on how to handle the question:

“So, how many people have you enrolled in your business so far?”

This happens to a lot of us, especially in the beginning. You have certain personality types who are going to compare themselves to you and whatever you have done, then they’ll gauge the opportunity based on what you have done, instead of looking at the actual opportunity. As an entrepreneur, I tend to think that’s a little crazy, but some people do that, so how do you handle that question?

What if you’ve been in your business for a little while and you haven’t done a whole lot? Let’s just go with that scenario, because that’s the one that usually trips people up the most.

What do you do when you don’t have a great track record so far?

MLM Tip: Be Honest

“Up to this point I really wasn’t serious about the business side, I was just enjoying the product or service and I really wasn’t tuned in to the business. Life has changed for me. I now have become committed to building this business and this is why.”

You can even tell them why you’re doing it. “I love the company culture. I love the leaders. I love what we’re doing here, and this is where I’m going.”

It’s not about where you’ve been.

Don’t make excuses. “Well, I couldn’t get serious before because I (insert excuse)”

Instead say  “I’m recommitted right now to build this so I can (insert your why).”

MLM Tip: Qualify Them

Or “I just came back from our company event and am ready to re-launch my business and (insert why).  I’m looking for a few good leaders who want to be positioned at the top of my new team, so is that you?”

Your posture, energy and excitement and commitment is what is going to sell them, if they’re open at all.

You are the messenger, not the message.  If they’re not really open, just thank them for their time and move on. It’s no big deal. If it’s not really for them and they’re just asking how many have you enrolled but they’re not really committed or open to really taking a look, then let them go. Say “Thanks anyway, have a great day.”

Remember, it is about the message. It’s not about you, and it’s not about where you’ve been, it’s about where you are going.

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