When should you talk to your warm market in your network marketing business?

In every network marketing company that I know of, the first thing they say is,

“Go talk to your friends and family first. They know you. They love you. They trust you. And it’s free.”

While all that is true, sometimes when we go to our warm market, we may have preconceived ideas that everyone is going to jump on board with us because it makes so much sense.

In reality, our warm market may totally shut us down and they don’t want to do what we’re doing. They may even tell us that we’re going to go to jail or it’s a pyramid scheme!

When I got that kind of response with my warm market, it took me by surprise.  I got upset, even mad at the people closest to me and it would shut me down for awhile.

So how do you get past that?

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I share when you should talk to your warm market and why in the video below:




Didn’t that make so much sense?  This is the best way to have the right posture with your warm market, so that you

1) save the relationship and

2) plant positive seeds for later when they might be more open or life changes for them.

This helps you NOT look desperate or needy, which is much more attractive to those around you.  When you do this, you definitely seem much more professional too.

Burnt Out Warm Market

If you’ve been involved in other companies before and you’ve approached them 10 other times, they may not hear your “money message”.

It may be better to talk to them about your service or your product. You may want to ask them if they’re open to trying what you have as your customer.  Your warm market may be agreeable to this because they buy stuff all the time.  A great way to ask this is:

“I know the business is probably not for you but you might enjoy the service/product.  Are you open to  taking a look at that with me?”

They still may tell you NO right now, because they may know you and trust you, but they don’t know you with this new thing.  Give them some time, don’t take it personally and remember what I said in the video 🙂

Did you enjoy this little tip?  It’s a great mindset shift that can help you have more success with those around you.

Leave me a comment below if you’ve tried this and how it worked, or if you’re going to.  Also, feel free to share around on Facebook and Twitter and any other social media you would like!

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