The first 24-72 hours of your new rep’s network marketing business can be critical to their success.

Although their success is in their hands, you can help them get started off right by setting proper expectations.

Here are 10 great getting started questions for you to use in your first game planning session with your new rep that I learned from Ray Higdon’s podcast.

Why Did They Join Your Network Marketing Business?

As the person leading your new rep, you need to know how to help them best.  Understanding WHY they are doing your business is absolutely key.  One thing I like to do is add their name in my phone as a contact, then ask them permission to add their “why” underneath their name for future reference.  As I work with this new rep, I can help remind them of why they started.

What Do They Hope To Gain Now That They are A Part of the Company?

This question helps you understand how they see their role and yours.  Some red flags you might hear at this point are “I wanted to be a part of a company where someone is there to hold my hand every step of the way” or “I was told that your team gives there new people customers/new reps and does a lot of the work for me”. (believe it or not, some people say that).

A good response would be “I plan to create $10,000/mo income and help a lot of people along the way” or “I wanted to contribute to a leadership team where there was room for growth”.

What Are Their Expectations?

This fits along with the question above, because if they expect someone else to do the work for them, you can help them manage these expectations and understand that it’s not your job to make them successful, it’s theirs.  A great saying is “I will help YOU build YOUR business”, not do it for them.

What Are Their Goals?

When they start telling you their goals, you can see how realistic they are.  Sometimes new people have heard all the crazy income stories about network marketing and “latch on”, thinking what we do is easy or happens overnight.  Whatever income goal they give you, help them understand, with your comp plan, exactly how they can do this.  If they give you goals that are unrealistic, it’s time to help them further with the next questions:

Goal:  $10,000/month

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Question: Are you currently making $10,000/month in your job?

If they answer NO:

Question: How many hours/week do you think you can put into your new business?

Answer: 5-10

Question: How many hours/week do you work in your job or business?

Answer: 40-50

Question: How long are you willing to work at this business to make $10,000/month?

Answer: Maybe 6 months

This is where you clarify with this new person and help them see reality.

“Okay, so let me make sure I understand.  You’re currently NOT making $10,000/month at your job, working 40-50 hours/week.  You’ll be able to commit to maybe 5-10 hours/week in your new business and you want to make $10,000/month in 6 months.  Is that what you’re saying?”

Answer: yes

“It’s absolutely possible to make $10,000/month in this business, I work with many people doing that.  Everyone’s path is different because they start at different skill levels, credibility and connections they can expose, so I have no idea how soon you could reach that income level yourself.”

Question: Do you think you’ll ever hit $10,000/month in your current job?

Answer: probably not

“How long are you willing to commit to this business?  What if it took longer than 6 months?  Are you willing to commit to working this business until it happens?”

Listen for their answer and coach them accordingly.  You can really help this new person stay for the long term in network marketing if you do your job here and tell them the truth.

Most people quit network marketing because it’s NOT what they were promised, and usually what they were promised were unrealistic time frames and incomes.

Last question: Are you someone who is easily affected by what others think, or by their opinion?

Answer: No

It’s almost always no, but what this does is raise their awareness that people will possibly not go along with what they’re doing and they need to be prepared to keep going even after that. If you have someone answer yes to this, it’s time to help them with personal development and strengthening their “why” and their vision for their new business and their future.

With these questions, your new rep as a much greater chance of being a long term success in their new business.

Did you like these questions?  Do you think they can help you start a new rep more successfully?

Let me know by leaving me a comment here below and sharing with anyone you know who might need more help in starting their new rep in their network marketing business.

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