How do you market your MLM, or your network marketing company? How do you talk about it, especially online? I’ve got some tips for you today.

I see a lot of people promoting their network marketing business the wrong way.

There are people who are flashing money, showing before and after pictures, showing the cover of their product and throwing out unsolicited links everywhere.

The wrong way might look like some of these:

“Hi, try my shake.”

“Lose weight with XYZ company” and they post a link to their company website.

Or, “Come travel with us …” and give the company name.

Don’t ever give your company name on a post. Don’t ever just throw a link out to your network marketing company’s replicated website.  Why?

People will Google your company, see either negative information and bounce or, they’ll find a leader and go around you.

Talk About How Your Network Marketing Company Solves Their Problem

You want to talk about what it does, or what you do. Let’s say you’re in weight loss. Instead of throwing up a link about a shake, how about doing a post on the ten fastest ways to lose weight?

People are going to click on that because you are solving their problem.

Maybe you have an infographic, or you write a long post on Facebook, or you have a blog like mine. You are giving some valuable tips, talking about,

“It’s great to start the day with a protein shake. By the way, we have a wonderful resource for that. If you’d like to private message me, I can tell you about it.”

Then they’re contacting you to find out what kind of shake you’re using.

If you’re in a travel network marketing business, what do people want? They want more time with family. They want to have fun. They want to go to Machu Picchu, or they want to go to the beach. Talk about the top five beaches of the world at a discount. Talk about how to spend more time with your family at Christmas skiing. Then you can say

“Oh, by the way, we have a great resource for a discount travel club. Reach out to me and I can get you the info.”

If you’re in a service network marketing company like me,  you can talk about five ways to conserve energy in your home. In that post, I could talk about,

“I have a great resource to help you reduce your bill. Contact me and I can get you the info.”

Think about what problems does your network marketing company solve?

People’s most favorite radio station is WIIFM: What’s In It For Me?

You need to figure out what that is for your niche, whatever area you are in.

If you are in financial services, how we can teach you how to retire early with three tips.

In there you could lace in how they can reach you for more resources on that.

You want to talk about what you do for someone, not who you are, not a link, not the company name.

People come to social media to hang out and connect. You want to connect with the person. They’re not coming onto social media, especially Facebook, to get sold.  You want to add value and you want to connect with people, so that they start to lean in, raise their hand and want to talk to you because you are solving their problem.  Make sense?

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