Have you ever been pitched by someone when you were network marketing prospecting? You invited them to take a look and they immediately started telling you about their deal?  Worse yet, they don’t tell you up front, set up a meeting, then spring the pitch on you there?

Yes, it’s happened to me and many of my network marketing buddies, how about you?

What do you do with a pitcher?

That person that you asked if they’re open and they jump on you with their opportunity?

Be a Professional When Network Marketing Prospecting

Don’t ever bash their company. Be the network marketing professional, and let them know they’re with a great company.

“I’m sure you are so excited to be working with XYZ company! You’ve got great leadership there and they’re growing so fast, that’s awesome.  I too, love my company and have been here for 9 years. I absolutely love what I do every day!”

There are sooo many people who are NOT in network marketing yet, there’s no need to have a scarcity mindset.  There are plenty of people you may not have met yet who will be open and ready to take a look at your business, so just keep going.

Build the Relationship with the Pitcher When Network Marketing Prospecting

If this is a great prospect that you could really see yourself working with in your business, take this opportunity to keep in touch and build the relationship for later.

If you’re a marketer like I am you actually have something you can help them with.

I have a system called My Lead System Pro. Not familiar?  Check it out here.

For every network marketing professional out there I’ve got tools and training that I can offer them. I have free training as well as courses available that will help them build their business inside of MyLeadSystemPro.

I also have other affiliate products that will help them in their business.  With these tools, I’m able to profit from that prospect whether they join my business or not.  When I offer them training and tools, I also raise my credibility as an expert in their eyes.

If you don’t have something in your toolbox that you can offer that person that’s already happy in their network marketing company, you might consider My Lead System Pro.

If you’re not ready to take that step, you can at least say,

“Let’s trade training information. I’ve got some great mentors that I’ve been working with. Let me get you in touch with them. I can forward you their websites and we can just keep up with each other.”

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Be Patient and Follow Up with The Pitcher

This is what I know: people over and over will join a company, be in it for 90 days, or maybe they will be in it for longer. Sometimes things happen to a company where they may shut down, have issues, change their comp plan, etc.

If this is a sharp person and you keep in touch, if something ever happens and they see you as an authority AND you’ve built a relationship, they may come to you and be ready to join your team.

Build the relationship, keep it professional and always be there as a resource for them and you may have a new teammate down the road.

Did you like this tip?  Let me know by leaving me a comment below and share with anyone who needs help dealing with the pitcher when network marketing prospecting:)

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