Social Media Prospecting That Really Works

If you are trying to build your business on social media, you’ve probably seen all the wrong ways to do it.

There are some wrong ways to prospect and there are some right ways.

There are ways to attract people to you when you prospect on social media and to build those relationships and then there are ways to totally repel people where they don’t ever want to talk to you again.

You want to attract people when prospecting on social media.

Inbox Changes

Used to be you would have your inbox and your “other” folder on Facebook.  Well, they’ve changed the name of the “other” folder to “message requests”.

I actually like that a little bit better. It sounds a little nicer. So if you’re not friends and have no mutual friends, your message may go into the message requests box.  The person you are messaging may or may not see that there immediately, so you can go back onto their page and you can leave a comment saying,

“Hey. I just sent you a message. It might be in your message requests box, if you want to check that.” It’s one way to give them a heads up.

Friends of Friends

You can go into your friends’ friends on Facebook and look at those profiles.  It’s possible that, if you’re friends with someone, likelihood is there may be some of their friends that are people you might want to connect with.

If that’s the case, look at their profile and find something you can complement them on.

Let’s say they have a great vacation picture …

“Oh my gosh, that’s a beautiful picture. Where were you guys? By the way, I know we have some friends in common like So-And-So”

You know, mention someone by name and say,

“I thought that we could connect and possibly strategize together to help each other. Anyways, I hope you have a great day.”

Start an initial conversation and see where it goes. You can see if they respond back and if they do, you’ll have a chance to ask if they’re “open”.

Warm Up Old Relationships

You may be reconnecting with people right now during holiday time.  It’s a great time because a lot of people are online more than they are normally because they have some extra time.

If you’re seeing these people pop up in your newsfeed or they’re on your chat box and you want to connect, here’s one “for instance” for me.

I was at a reunion recently. (I won’t tell you how many years, but I was at a reunion. It was a while back haha).

I saw people that I haven’t seen in forever, probably since high school. I didn’t get to connect with everyone, but I saw people online that I wanted to connect with.

I’m finding them on Facebook right now and sending them a message saying

“Hey. I’m so sorry I didn’t get to chat with you personally at the reunion. Didn’t we have a great time? I would love to connect with you more. I hope you have a great holiday.” When they respond back, that’s someone you can continue a conversation with and then you can bring up the possibility of them being open to partnering with you in your business.  Or they could know someone who could.


Don’t Get Caught Spamming

Never, ever, ever send an unsolicited link!

No matter if you know them already or you don’t know them already. You wouldn’t walk into a party and start doing that, throwing out your cards everywhere would you?


You would get to know someone and then connect with them later. It’s the same thing on social media. You don’t want to send an unsolicited link.

If you’re putting links on your personal page right now, probably most of your friends are ignoring those.

You want to attract people. You want to make them curious on your page because these people that you’re messaging, they actually are going to go back to your page and check you out and see what you’re doing there on social media. Make it inviting, somewhere that the people think

“This is someone I want to know more about.”

When I was at the reunion, I knew that people were looking at my profile because some of them came up to me and said “so what do you do? What kind of work do you do?”

That was a great invitation for me to at least find out if they were open to talking not at the reunion, but at a later time.

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