3 Keys to Turning Influence Into Income

Do you struggle with prospects not wanting to look at your business? It might be because of a lack of influence. There are 3 things to know about influence that can turn it into money for you.

I outline these 3 keys on the video below:

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1. People are interested in themselves, not you.

Have you ever heard of the radio station WIIFM? That’s the one they’re tuned into…it stands for What’s In It For Me. We all are tuned into that station first and foremost, if we really are honest about it. So when you’re approaching prospects, ask them questions about themselves. Be genuinely interested in what they’re telling you, be curious about them, their life, etc. It’s amazing how fast you can connect when you’re NOT doing the talking…but THEY are…hehe.

2. They want to be treated well.

Think about the golden rule, then do it, even with total strangers. Now more than ever, you’ll stand out if you really treat people well. If you’re server at your restaurant is awesome, tell them. If you had a great lunch with a friend, send them a little note, thanking them for taking the time and how much you enjoyed it. The key is GIVE without expecting anything in return. You’ll get more in return than you could ever imagine…when you get YOU out of the way.

3.  They Want to Be a Part of Something

Think about Facebook–how many people are part of groups online, freely sharing the opinions and cheering people on? It’s basic human nature, to want to be involved in a “cause” or something bigger than ourselves and to do it with like-minded people. It gives us energy and inspiration. So invite that prospect to an inspirational call, your blog, a company event, something that can bring them value that they would want to be a part of. If you have an email list, ask them if they want to be on it, to receive daily/weekly tips and inspiration. There are so many ways to help get them involved in something, “hanging around the campfire.”

When you practice these 3 things, you will see your influence with people increase.

Most important part: When someone asks YOU when you can meet or talk again, that they just really enjoyed your conversation, you know you’ve connected and built that influence. And here’s the biggest part of this whole thing:
When they WANT to connect with you, now you have the INFLUENCE to connect them with anyone or anything you wish.

They TRUST you now, they BELIEVE you and will be much more OPEN to learning more about you, your business or whatever you would like them to learn about.

It can all begin with ONE new person that you reach out to. Will you be running any errands today? What about eating out? Every encounter with another human being is your chance to start this, in the simplest and smallest ways. Go out and practice making these connections today, without having the ulterior motive of “getting them into your business”. ¬†Just go out and make a friend and watch your influence GROW!

I got these great tips on an awesome call with industry leader Diane Hochman. This call is open to anyone who would like to hop on, happens every weekday, and the number is: 832-551-5901, code 100669#. The community that hosts this call is the same one I am learning from about how to get online, get leads and build a bigger business faster. If you’d like to know more about the community, email me/call me/message me on FB and I’ll get you the details!

Let’s go connect today and increase YOUR influence!