Proper Prospecting at the Holiday Party

Are you excited about the holidays?

Are you excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s coming up?

Well so am I!

Are you excited to see all those people at the holiday parties? Are you thinking about prospecting them for your business?

If so, I’ve got some tips for you so you won’t become “that guy/gal” this year.

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Most people are all excited about the holidays, getting their shopping done (I don’t usually get that done until the very last minute, but I’m very efficient, so I can get it done quick) and they’re thinking about those holiday parties that they’ll be attending.

If you’re in network marketing you’re ALSO thinking of how you just might be able to recruit them into your business right?

Here are some tips for you so when you go to those parties, you’ll have success in actually recruiting those people.

It’s Not a Recruit-a-palooza at the Holiday Party

When you are at that party, remember, it is a party, it is not a recruit-a-palooza.

It is NOT a big audience wanting to see your business presentation. That’s not it at all, it’s a party, a social event. You want to honor the event.

If it’s a party, you want to do what you do at parties, which is talk to people.

Be Interested, Not Interesting at The Holiday Party

You want to be light, conversational, talk about them, ask them about what they’re doing these days.

Where are they going on vacation? Are they going to get to go skiing for the break?

Are they doing anything for New Year’s? What’s going on with them? Be all about them.

If you’re listening well, you’re going to hear some clues possibly, if they have a need in their life that your business can fill.

Sometimes people are talking about money, maybe they’re talking about how expensive things are these days.

For my business, I have a way to help people save money on some things. If they’re talking about money, and how expensive things are, and they ask me what I do, I can very easily say,

“I’m really excited, because I get to help people save money every month on something that they’re buying already, and I help people make money doing the same thing. Do you like to save money?”

You can ask them that question. It leads right into them possibly wanting to know more about what you’re doing.

But even though they might, you don’t want to go into a full business presentation at the party.

What you want to tell them is,

“Hey, this is not the time or place. We’re at the party, it’s time to have fun. Let me grab your number so we can get together for coffee over the holidays. I’d be glad to show you all the details then.”

Then you start another conversation about something completely different.

You get out of the business conversation. You change the subject. Otherwise you’re going to look like that guy or that gal that corners somebody and they keep talking about their business…all…night…long!

Create Curiosity and Get The Number

When people start asking questions, some feel like you’ve got to answer them about your business. You don’t.

What you want to do is deflect that and say

“hey, let’s get some more snacks. Let’s go get something to drink. Oh, you see so-and-so over there? We need to go say hi.”

Do something to get them off the subject of your business at the party.

When you don’t start answering all their questions,  it’s going to raise tons of curiosity.

If you are not spilling it right there at the party, they’re going to want to know more than they did before. Curiosity is going to get them.  I don’t mean be evasive, but just honor the event and let them know, out of respect for the host, you can get together away from the party.

So make sure you keep it light, you keep it conversational, and ask them questions about themselves. Then grab a number, exchange information, and meet up with them later, so that you can get their full attention and you can help them see the business in the right way.

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