Realist or Pessimist?

This is something that me and my dad have argued over since I was very young.  He always said he was a realist, not a pessimist.

I always argued that he was a pessimist.  He would talk about what was happening in the world, especially the negative stuff that was going on.

He always said that you have to be a realist. You have to know what’s happening.

But Does a Realist Have to Be Focused On It?

As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized where I want to be with my life in everything that I’m studying.  Because of personal development, leadership development, and working with people, there are some things that I’ve decided and chosen that I will be.

I’m going to be a realist but I’m going to focus on success.

My brother brought this up recently as we were talking about growing up and how our dad was.

He said, “Why can’t a realist be focused on success?”

Yes, you need to know what’s going on out there, but you don’t have to focus on the negative stuff that’s happening in the world.

Be a Positive, Successful Realist

Instead you can focus on the real success and positive events that are happening in the world.

We may or may not hear them in the news, but positive, successful people and things are still happening all around the world.

In the video below I share a little more about how to be a positive, successful realist and here are more resources for you:

How to Better Focus on Success

Crafting a Better Vision for Success


And if you’ve studied mindset and personal development at any level, you know these sayings:

“What you focus on expands” or “What you focus on, you get”

I’m not saying to ignore the world around you, but if you want your world to change, you need to look towards and focus on success.

Be a realist, but choose to focus on the positive.

Choose to focus on success in your life and other people’s lives. realist

Speak success over their lives, even if the “realist” in you doesn’t quite see it yet.  If you do, you can actually help speak it into existence.

A great little book you can pick up on changing your focus is Attitude is Everything by Keith Harrell.

If there’s someone that you’re helping or coaching, like I am with my brother, and you want them to be more successful, speak success to them and over their lives.

Even though you may be aware of it, don’t focus on what’s not going on or what’s negative, or what they’re not doing.

Focus on where they’re going and what positive and successful things they’re going to do.

Focus on the success they’re having right now, even if it’s tiny successes.

It ALL counts.

And to someone who is struggling to be successful, recognizing the tiny successes will lead them to bigger ones.

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